McMullan deaths, Bridge St, Downpatrick 1846-1848

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McMullan deaths, Bridge St, Downpatrick 1846-1848

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A friend in Ireland has informed me of deaths for 2 McMullan's from diary records Aynsworth Pilson kept for Downpatrick, County Down.

One was for December 5, 1846: "Susan (Galway), wid. of Arthur Macmullan, pensr., Bridge-st., 60.

The other for June 10, 1848: "John Macmullan, Bridge-st., shoemaker, 81.

I'm not sure how, or if these McMullan's were related to my own John McMullan, but it does seem possible. My John McMullan was a shoemaker living on Bridge Street when he married Margaret Orr May 2, 1844 at the Downpatrick Cathedral, and I don't have birth info for him. In 1845 their first son was Arthur, and by 1847 they were in Quebec, Canada.

I do have knowledge of British Military records that could fit the husband of Susan, who was an Arthur McMullan, and for the John McMullan who was a shoemaker.

If anyone happens upon more information from the diaries of Aynsworth Pilson, mentioning any McMullan's or Orr's of Downpatrick, I'd be very interested in knowing about it!!
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