Rasharkin & Skerry

All the Irish Flax Growers records that I can find are posted here.
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Rasharkin & Skerry

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Rasharkin & Skerry- 1796 Irish Flax Growers List.

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M'Cool Alexander Rasharkin
M'Laughlin Bryan Rasharkin
Mooney Archibald Rasharkin
Alexander John Skerry
Alexander William Skerry
Armstrong Andrew Skerry
Armstrong John, Jr. Skerry
Armstrong John, Sr. Skerry
Armstrong William Skerry
Boyd Robert Skerry
Brown James Skerry
Brown John Skerry
Brown Moses Skerry
Craig Nicholas Skerry
Davison William Skerry
Downing Alexander Skerry
Dunkin William Skerry
Gibson Patrick Skerry
Glenn Robert Skerry
Holden Henry Skerry
Holden John Skerry
Jemmison David Skerry
Johnston Martha Skerry
Logan John Skerry
Logan Robert Skerry
Logan William Skerry
Lynd John Skerry
Magee James Skerry
Magee Nelly Skerry
Magill Eleanor Skerry
Martin John Skerry
M'Aulay Henry Skerry
Maze Robert Skerry
M'Bride Alexander Skerry
M'Bride John Skerry
M'Burney Francis Skerry
M'Cay Robert Skerry
M'Clintock James Skerry
M'Clintock Joseph Skerry
M'Cosh David Skerry
M'Cully Charles Skerry
Moore William Skerry
Mulvenny John Skerry
Mulvenny Patrick Skerry
Murdogh James Skerry
Patterson John Skerry
Paul Widow Skerry
Reed Samuel Skerry
Rickey Marmaduke Skerry
Rogers John Skerry
Saunders James Skerry
Service John Skerry
Shearer Alexander Skerry
Steel Samuel Skerry
Wilson Elizabeth Skerry

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