ÔÇ£Glenavy: Past and Present, Story of the United Parishes

For anybody that is willing to share historical information on the Ireland obtained from e-books, etc. If need be I will start separate area forums

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ÔÇ£Glenavy: Past and Present, Story of the United Parishes

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***-From the Archives of the Co. Antrim Mailing List-***

I have in my possession a reprint of the 1892 publication of ÔÇ£Glenavy:
Past and Present, The Story of the United Parishes of Glenavy, Camlin,
and Tullyrusk; Together With Short Accounts of the History of the
Different Denominations in the UnionÔÇØ Compiled by Charles Watson, M.A.,
B.D., T.C.D., Vicar of the Union

As I read this book I will list the surnamesÔÇöor full names, if
available-- mentioned in the event that they may be of interest to
Forum members.

Part I:
Forsythe, Hugh H. Boyd Watson, Stafford Whittle, Dickson, Dawson,
Hunter, Kennedy, S. S. Biggs, James, Archibald, and Andrew Lorimer, the
Rev. Edward Johnson-Smyth, John, Maggie, and George Ferris, Jane
Quigley, Armstrong, Mussen, Dowglass, James Johnston, J. B. Bolland, T.
A. Irvine, MÔÇÖAreavy, John and Edward Ingram, John Ridgeway, Daniel
Allen, Frank Colburn, Clendinning, Joseph Neill.

Part II:
John and Samuel Ballance, Edward Irvine, James Patterson, , Suter, Neeson,
Bolton, Lorimer, John Corken, Lynass, Lucas Waring, Robert Oakman,
Allen and J. Bell, Donaldson, MÔÇÖClure, MÔÇÖCallister, Higginson, Durham,
Alsager-Pollock, Gore, Armstrong, Charters, Joseph English, Rev. Meredith Gwyllim,
Rev. Edward Cupples, William Laird Finlay and Howard Finlay, George Dowglass,
Oliver Davies, John Dobson, Robert Taylor, Paul Sawlly, John Mitchel,
Patrick MÔÇÖCranol, James Marshall, John Barron, Francis Rogers, David Ramsey,
William Cruthers, George Wilkins.

Until next time,

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