ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 12, December 2008

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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 12, December 2008

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Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066
Contact E-mail address:
ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 12, December 2008

Page 45

Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist.
The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies available free for downloading from
Note new email address.

[continued from Volume 10, No. 11, page 43]

The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland:
Elected. Members of the Society of Antiquaries of Ireland (Revised 31st December, 1900):
1871 Roche, Patrick J. The Maltings, New Ross.
1900 Rochfort, H. J. Cahir Abbey, Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
1892 Rock, Thomas Dennis. 62, Leadenhall-street, London, E. C.
1890 Roe, Rev. John, C.C. Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.
1892 Rogers, William E. Belfast Banking Company, Portaferry.
1896 Roice, Bernard Herron. Churchtown House, Tagoat.
1892 Rolleston, Thomas William, B.A. 104, Pembroke-road, Dublin.
1896 Rooney, Rev. Thomas J., C.C. Banbridge.
1899 Rooney, William. 23, Leinster-avenue, North Strand-road, Dublin.
1900 Ross, Mrs. Summerfield, Dalkey.
1894 Rotheram, Edward Crofton. Belview, Crossakiel, Co. Meath.
1896 Russell, John, C. E. 16, Waring-street, Belfast.
1890 Ryan, Very Rev. Arthur, President. St. PatrickÔÇÖs College, Thurles.
1898 Ryan, Very Rev. Francis M., Canon, P.P. 39, Eccles-street, Dublin.
1889 Ryan, Rev. James J., V.-P. St. PatrickÔÇÖs College, Thurles.
1897 Ryan, Thomas V., Solicitor. 46, St. StephenÔÇÖs-green, Dublin.
1891 Ryland, Richard H., B.A., Barrister-at-Law. 9, Mount-street Crescent, Dublin.
1895 Salazar, The Cavaliere Lorenzo. Director of the Bibliotheca S. Martino, Naples.
1891 Salmon, John. 32, Ellenborough-terrace, Belfast.
1889 Sankey, Lieut.-General Sir Richard H., K.C.B., M.R.I.A. 32, Grosvenor-place, London. S.W.
1894 Sayers, Rev. George, Canon. The Glebe, Upper Ballinderry, Co. Antrim.
1894 Scott, Anthony, Archt. 16, William-street, Drogheda.
1879 Scott, Rev. Charles, M.A. St. PaulÔÇÖs Parsonage, Belfast.
1892 Scott, Conway, C. E. 15, Wellington Park, Belfast.
1900 Scott, Geo. Curraghgower, Limerick.
1891 Scott, John William, J.P. Roslevan, Ennis.
1892 Scott, Samuel. Inland Revenue Office, Elgin, N. B.
1894 Scott, William A., Archt. 16, William-street, Drogheda.
1898 Scott, William A. 24, Rathdown-road, Dublin.
1891 Scriven, Rev. Rowland, M.A. (Cantab.), M.R.I.A,. Balbriggan.
1891 Scully, Very Rev. Alex. F., Canon, P.P., V.F. Hospital, Co. Limerick.
1892 Semple, Rev. R. H., M. A. 25, Barrington-street, Limerick.
1891 Sexton, Sir Robert, J.P., D.L. 10, Harcourt-street, Dublin.
1896 Shackleton, George. Anna Liffey House, Lucan.
1892 Shackleton, Mrs. J. F. Anna Liffey House, Lucan.
1897 Shaw, Rev. George Bell. Claggan Manse, Cookstown.
1895 Shaw, His Honor Judge, M.A. 69, Pembroke-road, Dublin.
1898 Shaw, Thomas J., J. P. Mullingar.
1900 Shea, Wm. Askin, J. P. 8, Westland-row; and 27, Belgrave-road, Rathmines.
1896 Sheridan, Mrs. St. HelenÔÇÖs, Rathgar-road, Dublin.
1896 Sheridan, Rev. N. T., President. St. PeterÔÇÖs College, Wexford.
1898 Sherwin, Rev. James P. 19, Mespil-road, Dublin.
1896 Shore, The Hon. Mrs. Ballyduff, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.
1894 Simmons, John, Solicitor. Dungannon.
1890 Simms, James. Abercorn Arms, Strabane.
1900 Simpson, James Knight. 2, Bedford-street, Bolton, Lancashire.
1895 Simpson, Mrs. West Church Manse, Ballymena.
1887 Simpson, William M. Walmer, Bangor.
1900 Sinclair, Miss F. E. Hopefield House, Belfast.
1893 Skeffington, Joseph Bartholomew, M.A., LL.D., D.I.N.S. Waterford.

Page 46

1898 Sloan, Rev. Isaac, M.A. The Manse, Ballyreagh, Ballygawley.
1888 Sloane, Mrs. Moy Hill, Co. Tyrone.
1893 Small, John F., Solicitor. 37, Hill-street, Newry.
1895 Small, Miss M. J. Hill-street, Newry.
1894 Smith, Rev. George Nuttall, B.A. Enniskerry.
1898 Smith, John, B.E., M. Inst. C.E., Co. Surveyor. Ballinasloe.
1887 Smith, Owen. Nobber, Co. Meath.
1890 Smith, Rev. Canon, D.D. St. BartholomewÔÇÖs, Clyde-road, Dublin.
1893 Smith, William Joseph, J.P. 9, George-street, Waterford.
1889 Smithwick, Edmund, J.P. Kilcrene House, Kilkenny.
1900 Smyth, Capt. B. W., Adjt., Roy. Hib. Military School. Phoenix Park.
1893 Smyth, Edward Weber, J. P. 6, St. StephenÔÇÖs-green, Dublin.
1894 Smyth, John, B.A. Fernbank, Sligo.
1895 Smyth, Mrs. E. Weber. 73, St. StephenÔÇÖs-green, Dublin.
1894 Smyth, Richard OÔÇÖBrien, C.E., Archt. 2, Kenilworth-square, Dublin.
1895 Smyth, Robert Wolfe, J. P. Portlick Castle, Athlone.
1897 Smyth, Thomas. 2, Lower Ormond-quay, Dublin.
1892 Somerville, Bellingham Arthur. Clermont, Rathnew.
1891 Somerville-Large, Rev. William S., M.A. Carnalway Rectory, Kilcullen.
1897 Spaight, Colonel William F. Union Hall, Leap, Co. Cork.
1892 Sparrow, Robert, D. I. R. I. C. Gort.
1890 Stack, Rev. C. Maurice, M.A. Derryvullan Rectory, Tamlaght, Enniskillen.
1892 Stacpoole, Mrs. Edenvale, Ennis.
1895 Stacpoole, Miss. Edenvale, Ennis.
1893 Stanley, Rev. William Francis, P.P. St. VincentÔÇÖs, Altrincham.
1890 Steede, John, LL.B., D.I.N.S. Dundalk.
1894 Steele, Charles W. 18, Crosthwaite Park, Kingstown.
1895 Steele, Rev. William B., B.A. Levally Rectory, Enniskillen.
1892 Stephen, Miss Rosamond. Godmanchester, Huntingdon.
1891 Stephens, Pembroke Scott, Q.C. Plowden Buildings, Temple, London.
1894 Stephens, Samuel. Martello-terrace, Holywood, Co. Down.
1893 Stewart, Rev. Harvey, M.A. All Saints Rectory, Blackrock.
1898 Stewart, Rev. Joseph Atkinson. Killowen, Lisburn.
1893 Stirling, William, F.R.I.A.I., C.E. 4, College-green, Dublin.
1889 Stirrup, Mark, F.G.S.L. High Thorn, Bowden, Cheshire.
1890 Stoker, Mrs. 72, Rathgar-road, Dublin.
1898 Stokes, Henry J., Barrister-at-Law. Ballynariagh, Howth.
1899 Stoney, Robert Vesey. Rossturk Castle, Westport.
1900 Stourton, Miss. South Gate, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth.
1892 Stoyte, William James, J.P. Green Hill, Kinsale.
1895 Strangeways, William N. Lismore, 17, QueenÔÇÖs-avenue, Muswell Hill, London, N.
1893 Stubbs, Henry, M.A., J.P., D.L. Danby, Ballyshannon.
1887 Sullivan, Sir Edward, Bart., B.A. 2, Harewood-place, London, S.W.
1899 Sutherland, William. Provincial Bank, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary.
1889 Swan, Percy S. 2, Garville-avenue, Rathgar.
1879 Swanston, William. 4A, Cliftonville-avenue, Belfast.
1891 Sweeny, Rev. Patrick, M.A. Ballinacourty Rectory, Annascaul R.S.O., Co. Kerry.
1889 Synnott, Nicholas J., B.A. (Lond.), Barrister-at-Law. Furness, Naas.
1890 Tarleton, Mrs. The Abbey, Killeigh, Tullamore.
1898 Tarleton, Thomas . 30, Ormond-street, Rathmines.
1890 Tate, Alexander, M. Inst. C.E.I. Rantalard, Belfast.
1897 Teague, Bernard. St. MichaelÔÇÖs Schools, Enniskillen.
1894 Telford, Rev. William H. Reston Free Church Manse, Berwickshire.
1890 Tempest, William, J.P. Douglas-place, Dundalk.
1887 Ternan, Obadiah, M.D. Enniskillen.
1897 Thomas, W. J. Mullingar.
1895 Thunder, Francis P. Municipal Buildings, Cork-hill, Dublin.
1900 Tibbs, Rev. P. Graydon, B.A. Oxmantown Mall, Parsonstown.
1896 Tivy, Henry L., J. P. Barnstead, Blackrock, Cork.
1893 Tohill, Rev. John, Adm. St. PeterÔÇÖs, Milford-street, Belfast.
1890 Toler-Aylward, Hector J. C., J. P., D. L. Shankill Castle, Whitehall, Co. Kilkenny.

Page 47

1889 Toner, Rev. Joseph. Atlantic-avenue, Pittsburg, U.S.A.
1892 Torrens, Thomas Hughes, J.P. Edenmore, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim.
1896 Townsend, George C. Cordangan Manor, Tipperary.
1890 Townsend, Very Rev. William C., D.D. 1, Leeson Park, Dublin.
1895 Townshend, Thomas Courtney, B.A. (Dubl.). 23, South Frederick-street, Dublin.
1883 Traill, William A., M. A., C. E. GiantÔÇÖs Causeway, Bushmills.
1894 Trench, John Townsend, J. P. Lansdowne Lodge, Kenmare.
1891 Tresilian, Richard S. 9, Upper Sackville-street, Dublin.
1899 Trimble, Andrew, M.B. B.Ch. 2, Violet-terrace, Crumlin-road, Belfast.
1892 Truell, Henry Pomeroy, M. D., J. P., D. L. Clonmannon, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow.
1897 Tuite, James, M. P. 14, Greville-street, Mullingar.
1896 Turner, Robert. English-street, Armagh.
1896 Turtle, Frederick Locke. The Villa, Aghalee, Lurgan.
1891 Twigg, Rev. Thomas, D. D., Canon. Vicarage, Swords, Co. Dublin.
1900 Usher, Robert, J.. P. Killineer House, Drogheda.
1893 Ussher, Richard John, J. P. Cappagh House, Cappagh R. S. O., Co. Waterford.
1900 Vandeleur, Capt. Hector, Lord Lieutenant of Co. Clare. Cohercon, Co. Clare.
1897 Vanston, George T. B., LL.D., Barrister-at-Law. Hildon Park, Terenure-road, Rathgar.
1890 Vaughan, Joseph, J. P. Mount View, Athlone.
1891 Venables, William J. Gortalowry House, Cookstown.
1889 Vincent, Rev. Marshall Clarke, M. A. (Oxon.). South Hill, Nenagh.
1899 Wade, Thomas G. 28, Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin.
1895 Walby, James, Engineer. Post Office, Telegraph Department, Belfast.
1890 Waldron, Laurence A., M.R.I.A. 10, Anglesea-street, Dublin.
1892 Walkington, Miss M. A., LL.D. Edenvale, Strandtown, Co. Down.
1896 Wall, Walter Saunders, J. P. Errisanan Manor, Clifden, Co. Galway.
1896 Wallace, Charles John, M. A., J. P. Belfield, Booterstown.
1897 Wallace, Colonel Robert H. Downpatrick.
1894 Walpole, Thomas, C. E., M. Inst. N. A. Windsor Lodge, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.
1896 Walsh, John Edward, M. A. (Dubl.), Barrister-at-Law, J.P. Belville, Donnybrook.
1890 Walsh, Rev. James H., D.D., Canon. 44, Upper Mount-street, Dublin.
1891 Walsh, Rev. Robert, D.D. St. MaryÔÇÖs Rectory, Donnybrook.
1890 Walsh, Thomas Arnold. Kilmallock.
1889 Walsh, Rev. Tobias R., P.P. Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.
1899 Walsh, V. J. Hussey. 4, Curzon-street, Mayfair, London, W.
1898 Walsh, Captain Walter H. Hussey-, Leicestershire Regt. Mustapha Pacha, Barracks, Alexandria, Egypt.
1899 Walshe, Richard D. 20, Harrington-street, Dublin.
1896 Ward, Alexander. 35, Upper Mount-street, Dublin.
1896 Ward, H. Somerset. 6, Carlisle-terrace, Malahide.
1896 Wardell, John, B.A., T.C.D. Old Abbey, Shanagolden.
1900 Warnock, Frank H. 64 Tritonville-road, Sandymount.
1884 Webb, Alfred. Shelmalier, Orwell Park, Rathgar.
1896 Webb, Thomas Henry. 80, Harcourt-street, Dublin.
1890 Webber, Williaqm Downes, J. P. Mitchelstown Castle, Co. Cork.
1896 Webster, Henry, M. Inst. C. E., Co. Surveyor. Ounavara, Gorey.
1898 Webster, William, Solicitor. 35A, Church-street, St. Helens.
1896 Weir, Henry Crichton, LL.B. (Dubl.), Solicitor. Downpatrick.
1888 Welch, Robert. 49, Lonsdale-street, Belfast.
1889 Weldrick, George. University Press, Trinity College, Dublin.
1895 Welply, W. H., Inspector of National Schools. 1, Devon-place, Galway.
1893 Westmeath, Right Hon. The Earl of, J. P., D. L. Pallas, Tynagh, Loughrea.
1895 Westropp, Miss. Deer Park, Clonlara, Limerick.
1889 Westropp, Lieut.-Colonel William Keily, M.R.I.A., J.P. 6, Shornecliffe-road, Folkestone.
1895 Wheeler, Francis C. P. 64, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.
1891 Whelan, Rev. Percy Scott, M.A., Warden. St. ColumbaÔÇÖs College, Rathfarnham.
1892 White, Very Rev. George Purcell, M.A., B.D., Dean of Cashel. Cashel.
1887 White, Rev. Hill Wilson, D.D, LL.D., M.R.I.A. WilsonÔÇÖs Hospital Multifarnham, Co. Westmeath
1889 White, James, L.R.C.P.S.E., J.P. Kilkenny.
1883 White, Lieut.-Colonel J. Grove, J. P. Kilbyrne, Doneraile, Co. Cork.
1899 White, John. Derrybawn, Bushey Park-road, Rathgar.
[to be concluded in Volume 11, No. 1, January 2009].

Page 48

[continued from page 44]

OLD AGE PENSION CLAIMS: Bobby Forrest (Ireland)
Robert Forrest (born 1842) is my great great grand-uncle and my namesake. George
Forrest (junior) married Ann Jane Mullan in Drumachose Church of Ireland in Limavady in
1866 and her parents were Michael and Sarah Mullan and she was born in Ballyrashane. I
had few details and found the Ballyrashane CI registers were destroyed too in 1922. I had a
look at Ballyrashane extracts on Film MFGS 55/1 more in hope than anticipation but I found
the following:
Applying for a search in 1916 under her maiden name, Ann Jane McMullan, address
Limavady, she stated that her parents were Michael McMullan and Sarah Elliot of
Ballindreen townland and asked for a search of Ballyrashane register claiming she was born
c.1846. The clerk made a search of the Ballyrashane register and confirmed that all of the
details were correct and he found her baptism in 1846. I had confirmation of another pair of
great, great, great grandparents. These registers were destroyed in 1922.
So if your ancestors were Church of Ireland there is a chance that they may have
asked for a search of the registers between 1908 and 1922 when they were destroyed. Not all parishes have a lot of claimants, e.g. for Aghanloo parish (County Londonderry) only three (3) returns are listed in the abstracts. It would be great if a copy of these six microfilms were available in PRONI in Belfast. Thanks Bobby for your contribution. Other sources of birth date verification used were military discharge papers and baptismal registers from other denominations such as Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. I do not know if these OAP search request forms survive in the National Archives or elsewhere. Any information would be appreciated.
Claimants who relied on the 1841 and/or 1851 census records to provide proof of age,
made application by giving an account of their situation in 1841 and 1851. The claimant
listed name (and often current married name for a female), name of parents and often the
motherÔÇÖs maiden name, address if in a town or townland for country residents, listing parish and county and their age at the date of their OAP claim. The names of brothers and sisters were given and often there was a list of places of residence for either 1841, 1851 or for both.
The form was sent to the Public Record Office of Ireland (PROI, Four Courts) and when
checked by the clerk, notations were added.
Frequently the entire family group was extracted and listed including the parentÔÇÖs
marriage date, absentees on census night and deaths of household members in the previous 10 years. Many of these forms read like an interview with an elderly relative between 1908 and 1922 recalling their life and family moves through periods of famine, change and unrest. I cannot find these records indexed anywhere. Any volunteers near Dublin and the NAI?

Australasian Genealogical Computer Index Vol. 3: AGCI Vol. 3 is now available from the Society of Australian Genealogists (, Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, NSW. This CD contains over 2.5 million names indexed from the collections of the SAG as well as other family history societies and libraries. It includes 605,000 death and burial references, 864,000 names from newspapers, 270,000 names from the NSW Government Gazette and over 1.2 million NSW shipping arrivals, many provided in association with the Mariners in Australian Waters website.
The CD is fully searchable and shows name, date, place, event and source of the information. Data on this CD is new and does not replace data already published on AGCI Volumes 1 and 2. Price including postage SAG members $65.00 and non-members $75.00, public libraries $110.00, available now.

Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter are welcome and may be E-mailed to: or posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066
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