Burials at Dunluce Graveyard, Co. Antrim part_2

For anybody that is willing to share Graveyard records. If need be I will start separate Graveyard forums

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Burials at Dunluce Graveyard, Co. Antrim part_2

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Burials at Dunluce Graveyard, Co. Antrim part2

To the memory of Anne McQuigg alias Mc! Kinlay wife of John McQuigg of
Island Carragh who departed this life the 5th day of March 1790 (?)
aged? years
(see T.H.Mullin, Families of Ballyrashane, p.332)

Erected / to the memory of / George Nicholl late of! Seaport who
departed this life 19th October 1836/ aged 55 years/ his daughter Mary
Jane/ who died on the 27th June 1861 / also his wife Mary / who died on
the 14th November 1865/ aged 72 years/ also his son John's wife
Jane/ who died 15th April 1881 aged/55 years/ his son John died 13th Dec
1902/aged 84 years

Herdi (?) lieth the body! of William Nickle/ son of Samuel Nickle/ of
Park who departed/ this life on the 20th day / of December 1831/ aged 30

Here lyeth / the body of/ William Nickle/ of Bonyclasha/ who departed/
this life the/ 28th of June 1782 / aged 58 years / Also Elizabeth /
daughter to /James Nickle / aged 7 months

Here lieth the body of? O'Cahan (?) who died the? December? also the?
who died?

PARKE modern
In memory of a devoted husband and father Thomas died 24th Oct 1 9-34
aged 79 years and his mother Geraldine died April 1931 also two sons
died in infancy
The Lord is my Shepherd
(This is a modern stone, erected after 1984, and stands alone on the
northern side of the church)

Underneath rests the / remains of Patrick Raf/ ter who departed this/
life the 28th of July 1794 aged 26 years

Erected in memory of Roseann beloved wife of James Rankin, Blaugh, who
died 23rd Decr 1884 aged 56 years. Also their sons Hugh & Andrew who
died 29th March 1879 aged respectively 20 & 14 years and their daughter
Ruth who died 18th Jany 1879 aged 7 years

Here lieth the body of Hugh Rankin late of park who departed this life
24th July 1829 aged 51 years

Erected in memory of Hugh Rankin, Park, who died 10th February 1842 aged
82 years. Also his wife Elizabeth who died 3rd December 1852 aged 92
years. Also his son Hugh Rankin who died 20th April 1860 aged 60 years
(see T.H.Mullin: Families of Ballyrashane, p.78 - ?parents of Elizabeth
(1798-1875) married Martin Curry)

Erected by Matthew Rankin in memory of his mother Jane Rankin who
departed this life 10th Septr 1849 aged 33 years. Also above named
Matthew who died 22nd May 1877 aged 36 years

In memory of Elizabth (sic) wife ofAdair Reath late of the Park who
departed this life July 1797 aged 39 years. This token of filial regard
erected by hr (sic) son Thomas July 4th 1832

Sacred to the memory of Marey Reed who departed this life the 11th
February 1836 aged 60 years wife to William Reed Carneyban

Erected in memory of Samuel James son of William Reid, Corstown, who
died 23rd March 1860 aged 10 years. John Reid, Corstown, died 1893 aged
45 years

Erected by Esther and Sarah Dunlop in memory of their beloved sister
Hannah Reid late of Ballyliken who departed this life 26th August 1879
aged 67 years

In memory of Mary Robinson, Ballymoney, who died 7th April 1909 aged 75

Here lieth the body of/ Rachel Scobey / who departed this life/ the 9th
of July 1807 / aged 82 years wife to / John Scobey/ of Glentask

Here lieth the body of/ John Scoby / late of Glentask who de / parted
this life the 5th of/ November 1810 aged 89 years

In memory of Robert Sheills who died 31st March 1893 aged 68 years also
his daughter Jane who died 9th July 1890 aged 23 years and his daughter
Marion who died 18th February 1899 aged 39 years and his wife Jane who
died 19th May 1924 aged 97 years and his son John who died 26th May 1942
aged 80 years

Erected by Duncan Stevenson in memory of his loving wife Caroline
Christie died 16th April 1914 aged 45 years. Also his daughter Matilda
(Tithe) died 17th Nov 1918 aged 9 years and his son Daniel Christie
Stevenson accidentally drowned in Lake Ontario 1st April 1931 aged 26
years, interred in St.John's Cemetery, Norway, Toronto, Canada; also the
above named Duncan Stevenson, Portrush, died 11th Feb 1942 aged 79 years

Erected by Robert Stewart in memory of his dear Father & Mother William
& Sarah Stewart late of Orblereagh aged 84 & 57 years respectively
They loved and served the Lord through life and died in certain hope of
a glorious resurrection through the merits of Christ only Reader, follow
their example
Interred here are their four sons
James aged 28 years, Wm John aged 30 years, Edward aged 66 years, Robert
aged 80 years

STEWART iron railing surround
Erected to the memory of Rose Stewart of Cloughorr who departed this
life the 2nd day of June 1850 aged 82. Also her husband Henry Stewart
who departed this life the 11th day of February 1853 aged 83. Also his
grandson William Stewart who died 19th March 1873 aged 31 years.
Also John Stewart of Cloughorr, father of William Stewart and son of
Henery (sic) Stewart died llthAugt 1882 aged 71 years

STEWART inside church
In memory of Rachel Stewart late of Ballytobber died 12 Novb I ??3 aged
76 years

In memory of Ruth relict of the late John Stewart of Cloughorr died 15th
Jan 1883 aged 62 years. Also Minnie Agnes infant daughter of John
Rankin, Cloughorr died 1St May 1882 aged 9 months. Also RoseAnn wife of
the above John Rankin died 10th August 1916 age 71 years. Also the above
John Rankin died 26th May 1917 aged 67 years

Erected by Jane Taggart of Carnaboy in memory of her parents. Also her
sister and two brothers

TAGGART stone surround

Sacred to the memory of! David Thompson/ late of Ballyclough who /
departed this life the 13th/ Dec 1814 aged 75 who / maintained thro life
the/ character of an Honest Man/ Loved, respected, died regretted/ and
rests here in hope of/ glorious resurrection / through/ Jesus Christ

Here lies the body of Mary / daughter of James Thompson/ of Ballytibbert
/who departed this life 20th March/ 1840 aged 8 years I Also her mother
Mary Thompson who departed this life 5th April 1866 aged ? years

East of/ this stone is in-/ terr'd John Thompson/ son to William
Thompson/of Ballyclough and west! of it his daughter Jane
John Thompson decea! sed the 19th day of May/ 1795 in the 16th year of
his /age.
Jane Thompson deceased the 1St day of! February 1797 in the ! 22nd year
of her age

TODD coat of arms
Here lieth the body of Mary Todd alias Wilson who departed this life the
6th of March 1807 aged 58 years wife to Andrew Todd of Priestland. Also
two of their children Mary & Elizabeth who was (sic) interred here

Here lieth the body of! William Todd/ late of Cameybann who / departed
this life the 8th / of December 1815 aged 68/ years

To the memory/ of Dr Neil Wil 7 / ham late of! Sinearl who dep / arted
this life the/ 31st (sic) Sept 1819 aged /63 years also / his wife/?/?

I am indebted to Margaret Carey for the following additional inscription
and information.

James Todd of Ballyhunsley died 31st August 1887 aged 65 years.
Wife, Sarah Ann died 15th June 1906 aged 75 years.
Daughter, Sarah, aged 2 and infant son.
Son, Samuel Todd, 11th December 1930, aged 68 years.
Daughter, Eliza, 28th May 1942, aged 74 years.
Daughter, Lena, 9th May 1944, aged 69 years.

Additional FYI: James Todd and his wife, Sarah Ann Deane were married
19th May 1854 in Ballyrashane Meeting House. The baptismal records for
the Dunluce Presbyterian Church in Bushmills show that James and Sarah
Ann had a daughter, Sarah, born 3rd September 1868. Then there was
another daughter, Sarah Selina, born on 9th September 1871. This second
Sarah Selina would appear to be the "Lena" who is listed in the census
returns of 1901 and 1911 and also on the headstone. Samuel, Eliza and
Lena never married but lived together on the farm at Ballyhunsley until
their deaths.

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