Ballygowan Roman Catholic Graveyard

For anybody that is willing to share Graveyard records. If need be I will start separate Graveyard forums

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Ballygowan Roman Catholic Graveyard

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Ballygowan Roman Catholic Graveyard
O.S. 40 Grid Ref. J348977
This is in the townland of Ballygowan and parish of Raloo but in 1788 when Friar MacCary organised the building of the chapel, it was the only one to serve the united Roman Catholic parish of Larne and Carrickfergus. (It is now within the parish of Ballyclare and Ballygowan.) One end was partitioned off for the dwelling of the priest. In 1840 the chapel still had an earthen floor.
A sectarian bombing on the night of 20 Mar 1969 damaged the small entrance porch and the opportunity was taken to replace it with a larger one, which is practical, but unfortunately out of harmony with the older structure. At this time the west gable also lost its brightly painted plaster carvings in alto relievo. Within the porch can be seen the holy water font which the Rev. Arthur O'Neill P.P. brought from Ballykeel, Islandmagee.

All stones bearing dates of death before 1900 have been copied. The earliest date is 1828.

Erected by John Agnew of Ballyrickard in memory of his son Constantine who died 21 May 1828 aged 21 years. Also his daughter Rose died 21 Jun 1828 aged 23 years.

R.I.P. Erected by Patrick Agnew, Ballygowan, in loving memory of his father William Agnew who died 24 Apr 1903 aged 85 years. Also his mother Eliza Ann who died 09 Aug 1878 aged 38 years. Also his sister Mary who died 01 May 1878 aged 15 years. And his nephew Joseph who died 10 Mar 1902 aged 16 years. His wife Ellen died 05 Jun 1954. The above Patrick Agnew died 08 Aug 1955. James Agnew died 18 Aug 1873. Father.

Erected by William Agnew, Larne, in memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth Morrow who departed this life 15 Mar 1884 aged 66 years. The above-named William Agnew departed this life 23 Jun 1896 aged 74 years. Also their daughter Maggie who departed this life 05 Feb 1902. May she rest in peace. A. Jenkins, Larne.

Erected by Eliza Agnew, Craiganorne, in memory of her husband John Agnew who died 14 Nov 1894 aged 63 years. Also his father, mother, brother and sister who were interred here. The above-named Eliza Agnew who died 01 Apr 1922 aged 77 years. Also her grandson William John who died 26 Jun 1924. Also her loving son William who died 22 Jan 1951. R.I.P.

Ballantine See Devenny

Erected by John Brodrick in memory of his beloved son Daniel who departed this life 24 Nov 1857 aged 26 years. Requiescant in pace-Amen. Also his wife Mary Mary who departed this life 04 Nov 1865 aged 69 years. Also his son John who departed this life 04 Apr 1866 aged 50 years, who lies in Poole Cemetery, Dorset.

Erected by Charles Close to the memory of his revered mother Mary Close who died 11 Jan 1850 aged 76 years. And his aunt Margaret McCann who died 16 May 1847 aged 67 years. Also his father Anthony Close who moulders in Ballycorr. And his brother Bernard Close who died 05 Jun 1854 aged 47 years. Also his brother James Close who died 15 Aug 1862 aged 62 years. And Fanny, wife of the above-named James Close, who died 25 Aug 1866 aged 57 years. Also the above named Charles Close who died 15 Feb 1875 aged 65 years. Also Sarah Ann Close who died 08 Mar 1910 aged 56 years. Requiescant in pace.

Delargy See McGarel

Erected by Houston Ballantine in memory of John Devenny, Ballygowan, who died 24 Nov 1860 aged 87 years. Also his wife Nancy Devenny who died 22 Jan 1865 aged 71 years. Also their son James who died 25 Apr 1839 aged 12 years. Also their son John who died 20 Jan 1846 aged 23 years. Also their son Arthur who died 10 Dec 1846 aged 28 years. Also their daughter Mary who died 30 May 1847 aged 31 years. And their son Bernard who died 14 May 1860 aged 28 years. Also his daughter Mary Ballantine who died 15 Aug 1867 aged 25 years. The above-named Houston Ballantine who died 28 Aug 1900 aged 87 years. Also his wife Nancy
Ballantine who died 21 Oct 1900 aged 80 years. Their son Houston Ballantine who died 31 Aug 1925 aged 82 years. May they rest in peace. In loving memory of John Aloysius Fegan, born 28 Apr 1886 , died 26 Jul 1887. Anna Agnes Fegan, born 02 Nov 1882 , died 26 Sep 1902. Patrick Joseph Fegan who died 18 Jun 1910 aged 56 years. In memoriam, Fegan. Patrick, his wife Elizabeth nee Ballantine, their children John, Anna interred Ballygowan, Joseph interred Cork, Nora, Ursula, Mary interred Dublin. R.I.P. Thy Kingdom come.

Fegan See Devenny

Erected by Samuel Hefferon in memory of his mother Jane O'Neill, died 12 Mar 1885 aged 65 years. Also his father Patk. Hefferon, Skeerywheery, died Nov 1894 aged 77 years. And his daughter Mary who died in infancy. His son Robert J. died 11 Jun 1898 aged 4 years. His daughter Agnes Tereasa died 21 May 1922 aged 23 years. The above-named Samuel Hefferon died 07 Apr 1933 aged 72 years. Also his wife Agnes died 13 Jun 1953 aged 92 years. R.I.P.

Erected to the memory of Archd. McAlister who died 22 Oct 1836 aged 4 years. Also his sister Margaret who died 27 Jun 1838 aged 1 year.

Here lies Alice McCade and Sarah Moore. Lord have mercy on their souls.

In loving memory of Richard McCann of Craiganorne who died 06 Jul 1875. Also his wife Margaret McCann who died 14 Nov 1857. Also their sons, Richard died 11 Nov 1854 , Edward died 27 Oct 1893 , James died 22 Dec 1917. Also their daughters: Agnes died 12 Nov 1892 , Margaret died 26 Nov 1902 , Isabella died 21 Apr 1923 , Jane died 11 Apr 1924. R.I.P.

McCann See Close

1875. Erected by Sarah Phillips in memory of her father Daniel McCormick who died 07 Nov 1873 aged 84 years. Her mother Margaret McCormick who died 08 Jan 1877 aged 75 years. Her brother John who died 15 Mar 1899 aged 73 years. Her husband Arthur H. Phillips who died 19 Jul 1899 aged 60 years. Her daughter Isabella who died 16 Jan 1900 aged 24 years. Also the above-named Sarah Phillips who died 23 Apr 1928 aged 85 years. R.I.P. John Phillips son of the above died 19 Jul 1936 aged 55 years.

McCormick See Robinson

McFaul The family burying ground of Edward McFaul.

Of your charity pray for the souls of Daniel Delargy who died 29 May 1888 aged 73 years, Samuel McGarel died 05 May 1848 aged 66. His wife Agnes McGarel died Sep 1833 aged 41. Their son David died 05 Apr 1861 aged 45. Their daughter Agnes died 05 Apr 1869 aged 36. Their son James died 05 May 1878 aged 48. Their son Con died Sep 1885 aged 58. Also his wife Jane Delargy who died 14 Sep 1890 aged 68 years. Also her brother Owen McGarel who died 08 Mar 1901 aged 98 years. And her sister Ellen McGarel who died 27 May 1901 aged 88 years. Also Charles Ward died 09 Mar 1944 aged 83 years and his wife Jane died 07 Oct 1946 aged 78 years. Requiescant in pace.

Erected by James McGookin in memory of his son Francis who died 22 Mar 1875 aged 2 years. And his son Francis who died 01 Mar 1886 aged 8 1/2 years. His mother Sarah died Jun 1888. His wife Catherine died Dec 1909. Their daughter Ellen died Oct 1908. Their daughter Mary died Apr 1909. Their son Joseph died May 1909. Their son Patrick died Dec 1912. The above-named James McGookin who died 29 Jul 1921 aged 79 years. R.I.P. 2 G.N. 2 G.S. 2 G.W.

In memory of William McLister, his wife Mary, their three sons, Neil, John, & William. By their daughter Ellen. R.I.P.

Erected by Bernard Magill in memory of his beloved daughter Bridget who departed this life 29 May 1866 aged 28 years.

Morrow See Agnew

Moore See McCade

I.H.S. Sacred to the memory of our dear parents John and Ellen Nicholson and their son John Nicholson who died 29 Jan 1893. R.I.P. On whose souls, sweet Jesus have mercy. Also their son Edward Joseph Nicholson who died 16 May 1942. Kennedy, Belfast.

O'Neall See W(ith)erhead

O'Neill See Hefferon

Phillips See McCormick

Erected by James McCormick in memory of William Robinson who died 27 Dec 18(99) aged 86 years. R.I.P. Also Rosie wife of James McCormick who died ... Nov 1901. R.I.P. The above-named James McCormick died 22 May 1921 aged 60 years.
Shields Erected by John Shields, Castlewellan, in memory of his son Barnard who died 06 Aug 1876 aged 4 years.

IHS. This stone erected by Bernard Somers in memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth who departed this life on 16 Jul 1855 aged 21 years. May she rest in peace.
Ward Erected by Richard Ward in memory of his wife Jane, his son William John, and his son Edward. R.I.P.

Ward See McGarel

Erected by Danial W(ith)erhead in memory of his mother Mary O'Neall who departed this life on 09 Apr 1861 aged 63 years.
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