MAGUIRE and PATTERSON of Fermanagh

For anybody that is searching for family links in the Co. Fermanagh. If need be I will start separate area forums

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MAGUIRE and PATTERSON of Fermanagh

Post by Carl »

I guess I'd better submit my own stuff in the hope of furthering the search:

My great great grandparents, Thomas MAGUIRE and Lucy PATTERSON were married in 1820 in the Cornagee Church, later known as the Mullaghdun Parish Church (C of I). Its about midway between Letterbreen and Belcoo, civil parish of Cleenish, Co Fermanagh, on the way from Enniskillen to Blacklion Co Cavan. Four of their five children were baptized there. They probably bought their ticket in Blacklion, and emigrated to Canada in 1847 along with one William Patterson who may have been a brother or cousin of Lucy's. They sailed from Londonderry.
The transcribed record shows Lucy as being from Cleggan townland (a mile or so from the church) and Thomas as being from "Derrybyon" Rossorry, an obvious transcription error as there is no such place. My best guess so far is perhaps Drumlyon Rossorry, which does have protestant Maguires. They lived in the Cleggan townland, and there is a record of a Thomas Maguire in the tithe applotments of 1834.

If anyone can add to my search, I'd sure appreciate it, and if I can be of any help to anyone re: Maguires in Canada I'd be most happy to oblige.

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