catherine white

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catherine white

Post by nayefgolan »

hi everybody to say i have hit a brick wall would be a severe under statement i am looking for info on a catherine white born around 1882 this birth date is coming from 1911 census where she is catherine linton in tipperary
on 1911 census says she was born in down
have got catherines marriage cert and on it says her father was james white
have contacted parish church where she got married they cant help only have info on marriage cert
have gone into place in dublin to try get her birth cert but no catherine that fits born them years
she and her family were def catholic we know this because she was kicked out of family for marring diff religion
maybe the more experienced people on this site might have a few more ideas i could try i would be most grateful
thanks for taking the time to read this
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Re: catherine white

Post by Elwyn »

Just a hunch but itÔÇÖs possible that Catherine may not have been candid about her age in 1911. Possibly she was older that Robert and wished to keep that secret. I say that because there was a Catherine White born in Co Down in 1877 to a James White. The birth was registered in Kilkeel, Co Down (Vol 16, page 559). Discrepancies of quite a few years, in the ages in the censuses, were quite common. Perhaps thatÔÇÖs her?

I wonder if this is also her in the 1901 census: ... ue/975644/
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