CDrom - Irish Land Owners of 1876 - covers the 4 provinces

Information on CD-Roms of interest to Irish Genealogy Research. Your comments are welcome about how good or bad they are.

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CDrom - Irish Land Owners of 1876 - covers the 4 provinces

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Irish Land Owners of 1876

Covers smallholders to landed gentry. Includes all people that owned one acre or more in 1876. Gives full name with acreage and gross estimated rental. This CD is fully searchable and covers the provinces of Munster, Ulster, Leinster and Connaught.

Description:-1 CD-ROM ; 4 3/4 in.
ISBN: 1861508549

Note:-Title is from the title page of the book on the CD-ROM. The book was first published: Dublin : HMSO, 1876. It has 365 pages. The book has been digitally enhanced and indexed on the CD-ROM.

Summary:- In 1873, the Local Government Board in Ireland set about to ascertain the number and names of owners of land of one acre and upwards in Ireland. Clerks of the various Poor Law Unions were called upon to draw up lists of such persons from the property valuation and rate books in their custody. The lists were returned to the Local Government Board by the end of 1875, arranged into counties, alphabetised, and finally published. Since the returns include the names of small landowners as well as large-owners of modest acres as well as great estates-they stand as a census of a significant proportion of the population of Ireland in 1876 and no doubt contain the names of many people who were related to emigrants of an earlier period. There were 32,614 owners of land of one acre and 36,144 owners of less than one acre, this latter group not named. The returns are organized by provinces (Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Connaught), then by counties, and thereunder alphabetically by the name of the landowner, giving his address, the extent of his property (acreage), and its valuation. The work constitutes an official inventory of land ownership and is in effect an 1870s-style Domesday Book for Ireland.
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