Index to FreeholdersÔÇÖ Registers of County Tipperary 1775-76

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Index to FreeholdersÔÇÖ Registers of County Tipperary 1775-76

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An Index to FreeholdersÔÇÖ Registers of County Tipperary 1775-76
Prepared by Terry Eakin

In the eighteenth century the qualification for voting at elections in counties in Ireland was the forty shilling freehold. This meant property worth forty shillings above the rent and was either owned outright or leased on certain conditions. Leases for lives (usually three) lasting during the lives of named individuals, qualified as freeholds for voting purposes. Catholics could not vote at elections between 1728 and 1793, nor could anyone married to a Catholic, and it was not until 1829 that Catholics were allowed to sit in Parliament. This regulation was strictly enforced. From 1728 voters in Ireland had to conform to an increasingly strict system of registration. Some counties, such as counties Armagh and Down, have significant numbers of registers giving the names and addresses of freeholders and the locations of the freeholds that entitled them to vote, however many counties have only one or two registers (or transcripts of the originals) which survive.
Fortunately for County Tipperary, Tenison Groves, a genealogical researcher who worked in the Public Record Office of Ireland (now the National Archives of Ireland), before its destruction in 1922, transcribed some freeholdersÔÇÖ registers for the period 1761-1776 and these are available in the National Archives, Dublin (M1321-2), the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (T/808/14999 and MIC/353) and the Genealogical Office, Dublin (GO Ms 442). Copies are in the Family History Library on British film No. 100181 available worldwide. This list copied here was titled ÔÇÿA List of Freeholders of County Tipperary, 1775-76ÔÇÖ. After the surname and first name of the freeholder, his residence is given. This is followed by the location of his freehold (if the two places are the same the name is only given once). A few of the freeholders have comments appended such as ÔÇÿdeadÔÇÖ or ÔÇÿRCÔÇÖ (Roman Catholic). The list of freeholders is followed by a short list of rejected freeholders for Tipperary.
ABBOTT, John, Ballyhenry
ABBOTT, John, Borrisokane, Gaulross
ABBOTT, Thomas, Raheencone, Tachen?
ACHLIN, Baldwin, Pallas, Pallas Mills?
ACRES, George, Clasemillpark
AHERN, John, Dublin, Newport
AHERN, Thomas, Tipperary, Bohercrow
AIRAY, John, Clonmel
AIRAY, William, Clonmel
AIRAY JUN., William, Clonmel
ALCOCK, Rev. Archdeacon Alexander,
Waterford, Iniscounty Rectory
ALDWELL, Rev. Basil, Tachen
ALEXANDER, John, Garrane
ALLEN, Francis, Newport
ALLEN, Henry, Coomb
ALLEN, John, Coolaprevane
ALLEN, John, Golden, Drumclieve
ALLEN, Sam, Golden
ALLISON, Joseph, Coolenbeg, Tittlefarnee?
ALSOP, Thomas, Burges
ALSOP, William, Burges
ALT, John, Killanane, Armenerg?
ALTON, John, Cashel
ANDERSON, Henry, Dunbell, Carrick-on-Suir, Co Kilkenny
ANDERSON, William, Ahacross, Ballygerald, Co Cork
ANDERSON, William, Foxhall
ANDREWS, Daniel, Knockinglass, Carrick (RC)
ANDREWS, John, Rath, Carraway?
ANDREWS, Maunsell, Ballincotty, Carrick
ANGLESEY, John, Cloughjordan, Bahamore
ANGLESEY, Thomas, Bahamore
ANTHISSELL, Christopher, Shraduff
ANTHISSELL, Thomas, Birr, Ballyloughnane
ARDAGH, Arthur, Thurles
ARDAGH, John, Thurles
ARDAGH, John, Thurles
ARDAGH, Patrick, Thurles
ARMITAGE, Roger, Kishduane
ARMITAGE, William, Foyle-Knockrinmore
ARMSTRONG, Andrew, Farney Bridge, Raheen
ARMSTRONG, Rev. Anthony, Tipperary, Raheen
ARMSTRONG, Edward, Race Course near Thurles, Rathcooney ARMSTRONG, Edward, Thurles
ARMSTRONG, Rev. John, Kingswell, Tipperary
ARMSTRONG, Richard, Borrisokane
ARMSTRONG, Rev. Robert, Carrananty, Kings Co., Balloughbee? ARMSTRONG, Thomas, Silvermines
ARMSTRONG, Thomas, Timna, Rathmabeig? [Rathnasliggeen] ARMSTRONG, Thomas Carew, Kingswell, Moyaliff
ARMSTRONG, William, Claskeene
ARMSTRONG, William, Farneybridge
ARMSTRONG, William, Silvermines
ASTON, Daniel, Kilcommon, KingÔÇÖs Co., Knocknagree
ATKINS, Ringrose, Prospect Hill, Co. Cork, Ballybeg
ATKINSON, Charles, Cangort, Ballylina
AUGIER, Peter, Cashel, Ballyknock
AUSTIN, Anthony, Ballinree

BACON, Rev. Edward, Fethard
BACON, John, Fethard
BACON JUN., John, Fethard
BAGGS, Rev. Henry, Lismore, Cashel
BAGGS, John, Nanamore, Mongonave?
BAGWELL, Edward, Woodpark, Clonacody BAGWELL, William, Shanrahan BAGWELL, William, Marlhill BAGWELL JUN., William, Marlhill BAGWELL, John, Kilmore BAGWELL, John, Belgrove, Co Cork,
Clonmel BAILEY, Joseph, Raheen BAILY, Rev. Robert, Tipperary, Prebendary of
Taltin BAILIE, Thomas, Quartered in Waterford,
Moanreagh BAKER, Adam, Kilcooly, Newpark BAKER, Charles, Bosocobel, Killeen BAKER, Henry, Ballydavid BAKER, John, Tipperary, Darling Hill BAKER, Joseph, Dublin, Monadreela BAKER, Nicholas Morris, Ballymoreen,
Shanballyduff BAKER, Robert, Carrick-on-Suir BAKER, Thomas, Carrick-on-Suir BAKER, Thomas, Cashel, Killenaule BAKER, Thomas, Ballymoheen BAKER, Walter, Cashel, TadyÔÇÖs Well?
[Ladyswell] BAKER, William, Ballydavid BAKER, William, Liscahill BAKER, William, Lismakin BANAN, Denis, Garrane BANAN, George, Rathdowney, Clonakenny BANFIELD, Peter, Clonmel BARKER, Sam, Kilcooly, Turraheen BARKER, Sir William Bartholomew, Kilcooly BARLOW, James, Shranagowny BARNES, John, Cale BARRETT, James, Tulla, Newport BARRETT, John, Rathclara, Rathclarish BARRETT, William, Castleblake BARTON, Philip, Thurles, Rathcooney BARTON, William, Grove, Fethard BASENDALE, James, Woodroff, Fethard BASKETFIELD, Benjamin, Newtown,
Creggane BEARD, Michael, Moneygall, Garrane BEATLE, Francis, Borrisokane BEATLE, George, Borrisokane BEARE, Henry, Shanbally BEARE, John, Eyrecourt, Co Galway,
Ballybohane? BEARE, Thomas, Clonmel, Burges BEETLE, William, Birr, Croghan BENN, Francis, Ballygurteen, Ballynamoe BENNETT, George, Loran BENNETT, Theophilus, Killvinoge BENNETT, John, Bushfield, QueenÔÇÖs Co,
Killavinoge BENNETT, Thomas, Killavinoge BENSON, Joseph, Kilrush BERNARD, Henry, Ballydavid, Coolkennedy BIGGS, Richard, Castle Beggs BIGGS, William, Newlawn, Shanrahan BIGGS, Benjamin, Faddan More BLACK, John, Ballyvanran BLACK, Richard, Cullin, Pallas BLACKMORE, Henry, Rathcool, Rathcool BLAIRE, Rev. Adam, Teap, KingÔÇÖs Co,

Lisnagower, BLAKE, Ambrose, Lisduff BLAKE, John, Ross, Co Clare, Rathcloheen, BLOOD, John, Limerick, Cashel BLUNDEN, John, Kilmacoliver, Co Kilkenny,
Ballyduggan, BOARDMAN, Robert, Clonmel, Ballyvenus
[Ballyveelish] BOLLARD, Richard, Borrisokane BOLTON, Chichester, Dublin, Knockeen BOTTOMLY, John, Thurles, Bahestown BOUDY, John, Pallis Newmarket, Carrucale?
(RC) BOURKE, Milo, Newport, Maryglen BOURKE, Theobald, FisherÔÇÖs Lodge,
Ballyhane BOURKE, William, Pallas, Garryglass BOUSFIELD, Ben, Aghadown, Co Cork,
Caherclough BOWEN, Henry Cole, BowenÔÇÖs Court, Co
Cork, Ballymackey BOWEN, William, Thurles BOWLES, John, Fethard BOWLES, Richard, Youghal, Mobarnan BOYCE, Thomas, BishopÔÇÖs Hall, Co
Kilkenny, Ballyroneen? BOYD, Thomas, Dublin, Clash BOYDE, Joseph, Falleen BOYDE, Stephen, Ballintotty, Clash BOYTON, James, Thurles, Rathcooney BRADSHAW, John, Ballycrana BRADSHAW, John, Dublin, Carrick-on-Suir BRADSHAW, William, Clonbrogan, Corbally BRADSHAW, Robert, Alleen, Co Clare,
Gorteen BRADSHAW, Samuel, Turtulla, Moyne BRADSHAW, Robert, Tipperary, Philipston BRADSHAW, Henry, Dublin, Cappaghrattin BRADSHAW, John, Ayle BRADSHAW, Robert, Carrick-on-Suir,
Cappaghnagarrane BRADSHAW, Robert, Cullen BRADSHAW, Ben, Alleen BRADY, John, Silvermines, Falleen BRAHAN, Henry, Clonmel, Clonmel BRAMPTON, Bourchier John, Snugbora,
Clonalea BRAMPTON, William, Clonradd, Co Clare, Clonlahy BRANAGAN, Francis, Mylerstown,
Mylerstown BRASSIL, David, Maryglin, Maryglen BRASSINGTON, Richard, Borrisokane BRAZILL, Alexander, Killeen BRERETON, Daniel, Tombrickane BRERETON, John, Ratharles, Throrovagane? BRIDGE, Timothy, Rathleagh BRIDGE, William, Roscrea, Carrickadanane? BRIEN, Henry, Clonmel, Clonmel BRIEN, Patrick, Thurles, Rathcooney BRIERLEY, Edward, Roscrea BRIERLEY, Henry, Roscrea BRINDLEY, Henry, Happy Grove BRISCOE, John, Sand Pits, Carrick-on-Suir BRISCOE, Robert, Sand Pits, Carrick-on-Suir BRITT, William, Birr, Killenaule BROOKS, Francis, Brooklawn, Co Dublin,
Ballintotty BROWN, Samuel, Fethard BROWN, Michael, Thurles BROWN, Thomas, Mount Rath, QueenÔÇÖs Co,
Ballinderry BROWN, John, Gaulross BROWN, Mark, Boolaree BROWN, Ignatius, Ballycanane, Lisnagonoge BROWNING, Samuel, Ahane, Co Waterford,
Ballyvoneen BRUFF, Henry, Twomile Bridge, Clonmel BRUFF, Joseph, Clonmel BRYAN, Henry, Clogheen BRYAN, Thomas, Dublin, Gorteen BULL, Bartholomew, Silvermines BUNBURY, rev. Thomas, Castle Martyr,

Ballydavid BUNBARRY, Thomas, Mount William, Bally BUNBURY, Rev. Henry, Tipperary, Clonbeg BURDETT, George, Great Heath, QueenÔÇÖs Co,
Ballywalter BURGESS, Minchin, Cloghjordan BURGESS SEN., John, Cloghjordan BURGESS JUN., John, Cloghjordan BURKE, Milo, Nenagh BURKE, Michael, Borrisoleigh, Springfield BURKE, Patrick, Nenagh, Knockanpierce BURKE, John, Monevin BUSHE, Ger. Parker, Kilfane, Co Kilkenny,
Kilcommon BUSHELL, Thomas, Athnacarty, Athnacarty? BUTLER, Hopton, Mount Butler, Roscrea BUTLER, Theobald, Wilford, Drum BUTLER, James, Kilcommon, Knockgrafton BUSHELL, Edward, Ballyvaughan BUTLER, Joseph, Bantry, Co Cork, Garranlea BUTLER, John, Shanbally BUTLER, John, Kilkenny, Kilcash BUTLER, James Archer, Springfield,
Tipperary BUTLER, Richard, Drum BUTLER, William, Park (RC) BUTLER, Piers, Waterford, Money-na-hill BUTLER, James, Cullen, Areaud? BUTLER, Hon. Edmond, Caher, Kilcommon BUTLER, Michael, Shanbally BUTLER, Pierce, Thurles, KearneyÔÇÖs Lane,
Thurles BUTLER, James, Castlequarter, Co Clare,
Knockgrafton BUTLER, John, Ballycarrane, Horeabbey BUTTON, Robert, Burntwood BUTTON, William, Burntwood CAESAR, John, Ballymoreen, Noard CAHILL, James, Fethard CAHILL, James, Tooreen, Tooreen CAHILL, Thomas, Milltown, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Ballinderry CALDWELL, Alexander, Castle Otway,
Nelson Hall CALLAGHAN, Thomas, Glencallaghan CAMBIE, Solomon, Castletown CAMPBELL, George, Fethard, Liberties of
Fethard CANE, Col. Hugh, Dowdstown, Co Kildare,
Newtown CANTRIL, Robert, Kilconey, Nenagh CAPE, John, Cloghjordan, Cloghjordan CARDEN, John, Barnane CARDEN, Nicholson, Barnane CAREW, John, Burnchurch CARLETON, Hugh, Dublin, Clare CARNEY, Michael, Borrisokane CARNEY, William, Borrisokane CARROLL, Daniel, Birr, Arragh Beg CARROLL, Daniel, Daniel, Uskane CARROLL, John, Killea CARROLL, William, Ballyvalley, Tulla CARROLL, William, Arragh Beg CARTER, John, Newport CARTER, William, Knockacraheen CARR, James, Thurles, Rathcooney CARR, Thomas, Thurles CARR DD, Rev. Thomas, Dublin,
Clonnoniley? CARSON, James, Kilmore East, Suburb
Clonmel CASEY, John, Tulla CASEY, William, Tulla CASHEL, Francisworth, Dublin, Bushfield? CASHELL, Henry, Dublin, Island McTurlo? CASTLES, Alex, Clonmel CASTLES, Joshua, Castlevilla,
Richardstown? [Reechestown?] CECILL, Thomas, Castle Shela, Castlesheela
CHADWICK, Rev. Richard, Tipperary, Barnaderrig? CHADWICK, William, Ballyguard,
Ballymackey CHALONER, John, Prospect, Ballersgrange CHAMBERS, John, Kildare, Glanbeley? CHAMBERS, Matthew, Glanbeley CHAMBERS, Matthew, Griagaman CHARLES, John, Nenagh CHARLES, John, Ballintotty CHAWNER, Henry, Ballyshahan, Bellevue CHAWNER, John, Birr, Daringboy? CHAWNER, Joseph, Birr, Bellevue CHAWNER, Nat, Dublin, Bellevue CHEARNLEY, Anthony, Springfield, Co
Waterford, Kilgrogy CHEEDELL, Joseph, Dublin, Curragharneen CHRISTMAS, William, Whitefield, Co
Waterford, Newchapel CICILL, Joseph, Killaloe, Ballymalone CLARKE, Alexander, Leagane CLARKE, George, Clusk CLARKE, John, Limerick, Annagh CLARKE, John, Sopwell, Ballylina CLARKE, Joseph, Tipperary CLARKE, Richard, Ballquirk CLARKE, Robert, Clusk, Part of Clusk CLARKE, Robert, Tipperary CLARKE, Thomas, Kilfinan, Tipperary CLARK, Robert, Wilford, Drum CLARKE, John, Ballyeagan, Kyle CLEBURNE, Edward, Derrysallagh,
Bonnydubber CLEBURNE, John, Ballycolliton CLEBURNE, Richard, Bonnydubber CLIFTON, John, Cork, Tipperary CLOSE, James, Twomilebridge CLOSE, Richard, Clonmel, Garryduff CLUTTERBACK, Thomas, Kilgrogy,
Ballyasadam? COATES, James, Cloghjordan COATS, John, Sragh COGHLAN, Henry, Ardoe, Co Waterford,
Friarsgrange, COLE, Richard, Ballyfroleen, Nenagh COLLETT, Ben, Clonmel COLLETT, Robert, Clonmel COLLETT, Stephen, Clonmel COLLIER, Patrick, Carrigeen COLLINS, Edward, Clonmel COLUMBINE, Rev. Charles, Clifton, Co
Waterford, Castletown COMERFORD, Michael, Silvermines CONGREVE, John, Mount Congreve, Co
Waterford, Drumbane CONNELL, James, Coolanure CONNELL, James, Fethard CONNELL, William, Thurles, Rathcooney CONNER, Daniel, Thurles, Rathcooney CONNER, Peter, Grange Clogha CONNOR, Denis, Silvermines CONNORS, Thomas, Knockballymaher,
Behaghglass CONNORS, William, Nenagh CONSIDINE, William, Shranhill, Shranhill?
[Shanakill?] CONSTABLE, John, Kilkenny, Bedfordstown? CONSTABLE, Nicholas, Beeverstown, Co
Waterford, Beeverstown, Co Waterford CONSTABLE, Robert, Clonmel, Lawlesstown COOKE, Edward, Clonmel, Carrick COOKE, Francis, Mooresfort,
Ballynabrussagh? COOKE, George, Borrisoleigh, Drum COOKE, James, Kilkenny, Tittlefield?
[Littlefield?] COOKE, John, Kilcooley, Bawnlea COOKE, Theodore, Waterford, Clonmel COOKE, Thomas, Kilternan, Castlequarter,
Co Clare COOKE, William, Poyntstown COONEY, Darby, Dungarvan, Glastown COOPER, Sam, Cashel CORBAN, Martin, Nenagh CORCORAN, William, Golden Grove,

Ahanclare CORDNE, Samuel, Ballyna? [Ballina] CORMICK, James, Cashel CORMICK, James, Bauntacullane CORNWALL, John, Borrisokane, Killeen COUSINS, George, Roscrea COWEN, James, Ballygrove, Garrykennedy COX, Richard, Dublin, Carriheen CRAMPTON, Edward, Dangansallagh CRAMPTON, Thomas, Dangansallagh CRANWELL, William, Clonmel CRAWFORD, Cooper, Tomivara, Grange CRAWFORD, Prince, Garrane CRAWFORD, Thomas, Fortmoy CRAWFORD, Rev. Thomas, Lismore,
Derrygrath CRAWFORD, William, Carrick, Coologe CREAGH, Pierce, Dangan, Co Clare,
Kilmastulla CREAGH, Arthur Gethin, Laurentinum, Co
Cork, Caherclough CREAGH, Richard, Kilmoyler, Drangan CROAKES, Dominick, Cashel CRONE, Daniel, Doneraile, Clonely CRONEEN, Richard, Killenaule CROSS, William, Barnadarrag CRUISE, John, Ballyloughnane CRUISE, Peter, Faddan More CRUISE, Thomas, Ballyloughnane CULLEN, John, Nenagh CULLEN, John, Newport CURTIS, Rev. Robert, Inane, Behaghglass DAGG, John, Rathmore DAGG, William, Rathmore DALRUS, William, Rathcardan DALTON, Edmond, Birr, Ballylisheen DALTON, Patrick, Cloneen (Dead) DANCER BT, Sir Thomas, Modreeny DANIEL, James, Springmount, Abbey DANIEL, William, Lavanamurroe DAVIS, William, Dublin, Clonmel DAWSON, Rev. Thomas, Nenagh (Dead) DEANE, Thomas, Ballynahinch DEEVES, John, Grange DEEVES, Stephen, Grange Hill DELANE, Solomon, Welshestown,
Gotinstown (Dead) DELANEY, Timothy, Cashelstown,
Burntwood DELANEY, William, Burntwood DENNY, James, Clonmel, Vicarage of
Ardfinass (Dead) DESPARD, George, Donore, QueenÔÇÖs Co,
Ballinvenny DICK, Samuel, Dublin, Nenagh DICKSON, John, Newport DOBBYN, David, Clonmel DOBBYN, Patrick, Paradise Lodge, Co
Limerick, Knockanroe DOBBYN, Richard, Grange DOBBYN, Thomas, Ballywilliam DOGHERTY, Richard, Tipperary, Ballyhane DOHERTY, Edward, Mount Borris,
Garryntemple DOLPHIN, George, Spruce Hill, Spruce Hill? DONOHUE, Edmund, Ballintotty DOOLAN, John, Shinrone, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Gortagarry DOOLAN, Thomas, Shinrone, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Grallah DOUGLAS, Adam, Dublin, Cashel DOUGLAS, John, Nenagh DOWDE, Patrick, Clonmel DOWDE, Richard, Roscrea, Near Roscrea DOWNES, Rev. William, Waterford, Parkina? DOYLE, John, Waterford, Drumbane DREW, Ringrose, Drewsborough, Co Clare,
Shallee (Dead) DRISCOLL, Richard, Clonmel, Kilmastulla DROUGHT, Frederick, Ballingarry DUDLEY, Eleazer, Roscrea DUDLEY, Ferdinand, Roscrea DUDLEY, John, Ballinagree, Rackethall DUDLEY, Lange, Roscrea DUMVILLE, Henry, Clonmel DUNN, Thomas, Clonmel DUNN, Thomas, Cahir, Rehill DWYER, Anthony, Garrytagart, Co Cork,
Woodinstown DWYER, Jeremiah, Dublin, Summerhill DWYER, John, Singland, Co Limerick,
Castlelake DWYER, Philip, Cashel DWYER, William, Rathronan, Pallas EAGLETON, William, Broomhill EARBERRY, Matthias, Dublin, Ballycrana EDGAR, Henry, Boreen EDGERTON, James, Thurles, Laghtagalla EDGERTON, John, Thurles EDMONDS, John, Kilfeakle EDMONDS, John, Shanbally EDWARDS, John, Graige, Lough Kent EGAN, Darby, Burris-in-Ossory, Killavalla
(Borrisokane) EGAN, John, Knockagh, Larha EGAN, Thomas, Knockagh EGAR, Charles, Kilmurry, Co Kilkenny,
Graigue EGAR, George, Kilmurry, Co Kilkenny,
Graigue EGLETON, Thomas, Nenagh ELLARD, Andrew, Clyduff, Pallas ELLIS, Stephen, Ballina ELLY JUN., John, Enniskerry ELLY SEN., Thomas, Enniskerry ENGLISH, James, Clounagan, Co Waterford,
Mount Gorrave? ENGLISH, Thomas, Borrisoleigh ENGLISH, William Alex, Springfield,
Castlemore? EVANS, George, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney EVANS, Mathew, Cashel, Ballydoyle (Dead) EVANS, Owen, Coolenure, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Augheraby? EVANS, Robert, Tipperary, Barnane EVANS, Robert, Knockbulloge EVANS, Robert, Roscrea EVERARD, Redmond Long, Kilowvane EWER, John, Limerick, Clonsingle Beg EYRE, Samuel, Eyreville, Co Galway,
Coolross EYRE, Thomas, Birr, Clongowna FAHY, William, Tipperary, Spital FALKINER, Daniel, Annsborough,
Ballyrichard FARQUHAR, Thomas, Limerick, Newport FARRELL, Richard, Silvermines FARRELL, Terence, Silvermines FARRELL, William, Silvermines FAULKNER, Edward, Lisbrien, Ballyverassa FAULKNER, Richard, Mount Faulkner,
Mountfalcon FAULKNER, Riggs, Cork, Killaghy FAULKNER, Thomas, Garryard, Garrane FAULKNER, William, RobertÔÇÖs Cove, Co
Cork, Arragh Beg FELL DD, Rev. Hans Thomas, Waterford,
Knockavardagh FELL SEN., Nicholas, Clonmel, Knockanattin FELL, Nicholas, Brunswick FENESSY, Robert, Kimaloe, Clonmel FENNELL, Edmund, Knocknagapple FENNELL, George, Ballybradda, Coolmoyne FENNELL, John, Kilcanoon, Cooladerry FENNELL, Joshua, Cahir Abbey FENNELL, Robert, Garryroan, Cahir Abbey FENNELL, Thomas, Kilcarroon, Cooladerry
(RC) FENNELL, William, Clougheen, Douliss? FENNELL, William Joshua, Rehill,
Ballybrada FINCH, William, Cork, Kilcolman (Dead) FIRMAN, John, Firmount FIRMAN, Thomas Pierson, Firmont,
Ballinruddery FITZGERALD, Grant, Cork, Moglass FITZGERALD, James, Sheperton, Co Clare,
Glenahilty FITZGERALD, John, Fethard FITZGERALD, Joseph, Thurles, Lagnasulla
& Rathcooney FITZGERALD, Rev. Richard, Cashel,
Brathmasheegeen? FITZGERALD, Thomas, Nenagh FITZGERALD, Thomas, Nenagh FLEMING, James, Clonmel (Dead) FLEMING, William, Dublin-Street, Clonmel FLINN, Mathew, Thurles FLUELLIN, James, Clonmel FLUELLIN, John, Killanane, Contravassey FLUELLIN, Thomas, Killalane FOGARTY, Hodge, Ballinlonty FOGARTY, James, Castle Fogarty,
Castlefogarty (Dead) FOGARTY, Philip, Ballinlonty FOOT, John, Brockagh FORDE, Abraham, Limerick, Ballyrichard FORTESCUE, William, Dublin, Carrick-on-
Suir FOULKES, George, Cashel, Thurles FRANKLIN, Joseph, Carnahalla FRANKLIN, Paul, Cullin, Cullen FRANKLIN, Robert, Gurteenaclough,
Gortybrigane FRANKS, Thomas, Roscrea, Carrick near
Roscrea FREEMAN, Robert, Cloghjordan FREEMAN, Francis, Garvan, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Killurney FREWEN, Francis, Limerick, Clonalough FREWEN, Frederick, Garden Hill, Clonlough FREWEN, Joseph, Shower FRIEND, John, Birr, Ballyogton? FRITH, George, Johnstown, Nenagh FRITH, James, Behamore, Killylaughnane FRITH, James, Nenagh FURLONG, James, Clonganhue GABBETT, Col. Joseph, Lodge, Ballycraggan GAHAN, Daniel, Coolquil GARDINER, Jeremiah, Borrisokane GARNET, Rev. Francis, Thurles, Kiltinan GARRETT, William, Abbey GARTER, Edmund, Newport GASON, Richard, Killosshalls GASTIN, Benjamin, Dublin, Shangarry
(Dead) GAVAN, James, Bouly, Bouly ? [Boola?] GAVAN, Patrick, Booleen GAVAN, William, Borrisokane GEERY, William, Clonmel GEHEN, Samuel, Borrisoleigh GERVASE, Rev. Henry, Lismore,
Tullahoughton? GIBBONS, John, Glen of Aherlow,
Mackanagh GIBBONS, Robert, Mackanagh GIBBONS, Thomas, Mackanagh GILBERT, Mathew, Ballysheehan (Dead) GILES, Alan, Ballyslatteen GLASCOCK, Silvester, Cahir, Ballyneety
(Dead) GLEESON, Edmund, Lisduff GLEESON, Edmund, Cork, Dangan (Dead) GLEESON, Edward, Gortnacleha GLEESON, James, Tinvane GLEESON, Roger, Nenagh GLOSTER, James, Limerick, Newport GODFREY, John, Cashel (Dead) GODFREY, Lawford, Birr, Mobarnan (Dead) GOING, Ambrose, Ballyphilip GOING, James, Gregg, Fadchinmore? GOING, John, Ballynera GOING, John, Noard GOING, Philip, Moneyquill, Lileagh? GOING, Philip, Annahoulty, Knockane GOING, Richard, Bird Hill, Pollagh GOING, Robert, Tullamoylan, Polelin

Ormond? GOING, Stephen, Liskeveen GOOD, John, Faddan More GOODWIN, Nathaniel, Thurles (Dead) GORE, George, Dublin, Derryluskan GORE, Francis, Clonmel GORDON, Thomas, Clonmel GOWIN, Thomas, Mountrath, Roscrea GRAHAM, James, Cashel (Dead) GRANT, James, Ballynera GRANT, John, Ballynira, Lisheen GRANT, Patrick, Moyne, (Dead) GRAY, Francis, Cork, Larha GREEN, Godfrey, County Limerick,
Greenhills GREEN, John, Greenville, Co Kilkenny,
Moorstown GREEN, John, Lettiville, Lettiville? GREEN, Rev. Michael, Waterford,
Curraghcloney GREEN, Michael, Kilmarnack, Greenmount GREEN, Nicholas, Farranreigh GREENSHIELDS, William, Dublin,
Carraduffe? GREGORY, Robert, Clonmel GRIFFIN, Daniel, Cullen, Honeyfield GRIFFITH, Edward, Tipperary, Greenrath GRIFFITH, Samuel, Shanrahan GRUBB, Benjamin, Clonmel GRUBB, John, Anner Mills, Anner Mills?
(Dead) GUESS, James, Newtown GUESS JUN., John, Newtown GUESS SEN., John, Newtown GUESS, Thomas, Newtown GUINAN, Thomas, Fethard, Part of
Knockally HACKETT, Archibald, Thurles, (Dead) HACKETT, Thomas, Gammonstown (Dead) HADNETT, James, Golden HALL, George, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney HAMMERSLEY, William, Springhill HAMERTON, Robert, Kilkenny, Hamerton
(Dead) HANLEY, John, Garryclogh HANLEY, John, Cottage, Finnahy HANLEY, Lawrence, Clonmel HANNELL, James, Lifferone HENNING, John, Cashel (Dead) HARDEN, John, Borrisoleigh HARDEN, Samuel, Silvermines, Tulla HARDING, George, Nenagh HARDING, George, Roscrea, Coolboge? HARDING, Henry, Kneigh, Ballyduff HARDING, Nicholas, Silvermines, Carrick HARDING, Robert, Mossfield, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Ballymacegan HARDING, William, Borrisoleigh HARDING, William, Killard, Kilbeg HARDY, John, Nenagh HARDY, Thomas, Brockagh HARDY, Saunders, Graigue HARE, Rev. Patrick, Cashel HARRIS, George, Cullin, Killenaule HART, Charles, Tinderry HART, Samuel, Ballymackey HARVEY, Robert, Clonmel (Dead) HARWOOD, Rev. Edward, Caher, Lisronagh HASKETT, Richard, Borrisokane, Liskinlane?
[Liskinlahan?] HASKETT, Richard, Golrus, Borrisokane HASKETT, Samuel, Borrisokane, Liskinlane HASKETT, Samuel, Borrisokane HASKETT, Thomas, Gaulross HASKINS, Charles, Clonmel HASKINS, Henry, Clonmel, (Dead) HASTINGS, George, Killalloe, Garrykennedy HASTINGS, Stephen, Garrynatineel HAVIE, William, Cork, Termogle? HAWKSSHAW, Richard, Millbrook HAWKINS, John, Thurles, Lagnafulla &

Rathcooney HAYCOCK, John, Quartered in Ross, Nenagh HAYDEN, Henry, Snow Hill, Co Kilkenny,
Neward? HAYDEN, John, Carrick HAYES, Mark, Ballykelly, Ballykelly (Dead) HAYES, William, Drummanure HAYES, William, Lisava HEAD, George, Ballynahinch, Curraghaviller HEAD, John, Ashley Park, Ashleypark HEAD, Michael, Derry HEADEN, Edmund, Lisminan HEADEN, John, Lisminan HEALE, James, Silvermines HEALY, Hilliard, Urlingford, Rathbeg HEALY, Patrick, Nenagh HEAMY, William, Nenagh HEARN, David, Fanny Park, Carrick-on-Suir HEMSWORTH, Thomas, Abbeyville HENDERSON, Mathew, Pepperstown,
Lismoghan HENDERSON, William, Garrane, (Dead) HENZEY, John, Cloghjordan, Stonyacre HERBUT, Rev. Nicholas, Carrick-on-Suir HEWITSON, Wallis, Kilkenny, Bolick? HEWITT, George, Garranbeg HEWITT, John, New House HEWITTSON, Rev. Thomas, Wellbrook, Co
Kilkenny, Parish of Kilarderrog HEWSON, William, Kilmore HICKEY, James, Cashel (Dead) HICKS, George, Plantation, Co Meath,
Clonovagh? HICKSON, Edward, Cashel (Dead) HILL, Dennis, Tipperary, Deevy Barn? HILL, George, Falleen, Garrykennedy HILL, Henry, Valeen HILL, John, Derrymount, Derrymount? HILL, Stephen, Ballymackey, Ballymackey HILL, Stephen, Clonmel, East Brunswick
(Dead) HILL, Thomas, Falleen, Garrykennedy HILL, Thomas, Carrigeen, Powerstown HILL, William, Ballynickane HINDS, James, Cashel, (Dead) HINDSEY, Daniel, Ballinaclogh HIPWELL, Humphrey, Nenagh HOARE, Edmund, Knockordane HOARE, Samuel, Cork, Ballyhane HOBAIT, Nathaniel, Birr, Annaghanerrig HOBAIT, Mathew, Birr, Ballyloughnane HOBBS, Robert, Gaulross HODGINS, James, Newtown HODGINS, Thomas, Newtown HODGINS, William, Newtown HODGSON, Edward, Dublin, Monakeeba HOGAN, Daniel, Dublin, Carrickagowre? HOGAN, William, Lisballyyard, Lisballyyard HOLLAND, Richard, Ballyheif, Co Clare,
Ryninch HOLLIDAY, Charles, Carrick-on-Suir HOLLONWOOD, Thomas, Ballygowan,
Ballygown HOLLYDAY, Daniel, Carrig HOLLYDAY, John, Carrick-on-Suir HOLMES, John, Tooreen HOLMES, John, Templemore HOLMES, Peter, Johnstown, Nenagh HOLMES, Richard, Cloneen HOLMES, Rev. Robert, Templemore, Union
of Templemore HOLMES, Thomas, New Forest, Tooreen HOLYWOOD, Charles, Silvermines HOPCROFT, Michael, Cloghjordan HOPCROFT, Edward, Cloghjordan HOOPS, Alexander, Tipperary, Currabaha
(Dead) HOSKINS, George, Cashel HOSTLER, James, Nenagh HOUGH, Thomas, Cloghjordan HOURAGAN, James, Carline, Cappagh HOUSTON, William, Knockabue, Parish of
Latin, Ballytruckle? HOWARD, John, Kilmore, Kilmore HOWELL, Edward, Clonmel, (Dead) HOWELL, John, Poyntztown, Fethard HOWELL, Thomas, Brenormore (Dead) HOWESON, Robert, Knockanmbue,
Knockanbue? HOWLEY, Jeremiah, Carrick-on-Suir HOWLEY, Thomas, Lanespark, Killenaule HOWLEY, William, Lanespark, Ballintaggart HUGHES, Joshua, Coolkennedy HUGHES, Matthew, Ballingarry, Part of
Ballingarry HUGHES, Thomas, Cloneen, Kilmurry HUNT, George, Borrisokane, Liskin Lane?
[Liskinlahan?] HUNT, John, Shanballyduff, Moyne HUNT, Pierce, Ballysimon HUNT, Stephen, Borrisokane HUNT, Vere, Cappagh, Cappagh HUNT, Vere, Curragh, Co Limerick,
Glangold? (Dead) HUTCHINSON, Benjamin, Killarney, QueenÔÇÖs Co, Gartnahanny? HUTCHINSON, James, Knockballymaher, Bawn HUTCHINSON, John, Waterford,
Bawnmadrum (Dead) HUTCHINSON, James, Timoney HUTCHINSON, Thomas,
Knockballymaloogh HUTCHINSON, Rt Hon., Dublin, Knocklofty HYDE, John, Greg, Co Cork, Clonmore INGRAM, Rev. Jaques, Limerick,
Ballylanigan JACKSON, George, Knockanglass,
Knockanglass JACKSON, Gilbert, Ballintotty JACKSON, James, Birr, Clonmel JACKSON, Joseph, Lincurry JACKSON, Thomas, Cahir, Ballyalavoe JACKSON, William, Cahir, Killeenbutler JACOB JUN., Matthew, AnnÔÇÖs Grove, Co
Waterford, Ballingarry JACOB, Matthew, Mobarnane, St Johnstown
(Dead) JAQUES, Joseph, Tulla JEFFCOTT, Richard, Thurles JEFFERIES, St John, Blarney, Co Cork,
Grange JEPHSON, Rev. William, Cork, Kilpeak? JESSOP, Rev. Samuel, Ballyboy, Tubbrid JOHNSON, John, Little Farnee, Coolboreen
Beg JOHNSON, William, Thurles, Lagnafulla & Rathcooney JOHNSTON, Thomas, Charleville, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Ballyknockane JONES, Henry, Farney Bridge, Whitefort JONES, John, Laffina JONES, Morgan, Laffina (Dead) JONES, Robert, Holycross, Clonyharp JONES, Thomas, Shandangan JONES, Thomas, Cashel (Dead) JONES, William, Carrick-on-Suir, Cashel JORDAN, A, Cashel (Dead) JORDAN, Richard, Cashel (Dead) JUDGE, Samuel, Ballysheal, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Lacknacreena, JUDKIN, John Lapp, Cashel, GeorgeÔÇÖs Land KEARNEY, Dennis, Thurles, Longford
(Dead) KEARNEY, Francis, Thurles, Coolroe? KEARNEY, James, Ballyvadin KEARNEY, Richard, Waterford, Ballyhinch? KEATING, George, Derry Castle, Aughbee? KEATING, John, Cashel, Lismamocky? KEATING, Michael, Millisent, Co Kildare,
Garranlea (Dead) KEEVE, James, Clonmel KENAHAN, Robert, Ranaveigh KENNEDY, Bryan, Dublin, Lisheencloonta KENNEDY, Bryan, Birr, Killenaule KENNEDY, Daniel, Port Ryan, Silvermines KENNEDY, John, Ballyloughnane KENNEDY, John, Pallashill KENNEDY, Matthew, Ballyhane KENNEDY, Patrick, Nenagh KENT, Aquita, Killaloe, Inchagreana West KENT, William, Lisduff, Ballyhow KEYS, Thomas, Coolagureen, Ballyslatteen KIELY, John, Janeville, Co Waterford,

Caherclough KIELY, Robert, Littleton, Co Westmeath,
Garryglass KILPATRICK, John, Colvill (Dead) KING, William, Prospect, Ballymoney? KINSLEY, James, Ballyhogan, Belleen KINGSLEY, Samuel, Iovan, Ballyevian? KINGSLEY, William, Dublin, Knigh KISSANE, William, Scalleheen, Kilross KITE, Henry, Cashel, Roan KITSON, William, Balling, Co Kilkenny,
Carrick-on-Suir, KYTE, Ambrose, Lime LABARTE, John, Clonmel LABARTE, Samuel, Clonmel LACKEY, John, Kilkenny, Clonmel LACKYMAN, Samuel, Callan, Co Kilkenny,
Clonlahy LACY, Patrick, Foxhall, Newport LAKE, Benjamin, Gurteree, Killylaughnane LAKE, Thomas, Clonakenny, Curraghduff LAMB, Joseph, Ballingarry LAMB, William, Dublin, Butterfield? LAMPHIER, Joseph, Parkstown, Graystown
(Dead) LANAGAN, Stannard, Frankfort, Ratholavis? LANAGAN, William, Lusk, Co Kilkenny,
Vonarvarra? [Farranavarra] LANDERS, Henry, Thurles LANE, Ambrose, Ballyvadin LANE, Ambrose, Lanesborough
Lanesborough LANE, Anthony, Carrick-on-Suir, Carrick-on-
Suir LANE, Henry, Tipperary LANE, William, Dublin, Clonmel LANGLEY, Charles, Lisnamrock LANGLEY, Henry, Fethard, Priesttown LANGLEY, Henry, Lisnamrock, Springfield LANIGAN, John, Ballymounty, Co Kilkenny,
Ahuy? LANPHIER, John, Waterford, Carraheen? LANPHIER, Thomas John, Parkstown LALOR, James, Clonamucoge, Scartana LARGE, John, Roscrea LATHAM, Oliver, Meldrum LATHAM, William, Ballyshehane, Killenaule LATHAM, William, Kildrum, Priesttown LAWLER, John, Oldcastle LAWLER, Mathias, Clonamuckoge LAWRENCE, Samuel, Millmount LAWRENCE, Sebastian, Kilcooly, Newpark LAWRENCE, Thomas, Nenagh, Shesheva? LEARY, Daniel, Clonmel LEDGER, Edward, Ballyrichard LEDGER, Edward, New Lawn, Brockagh LEDGER, Robert, Borrisokane LEE, George, Barna LEE, Henry, OÔÇÖBrienÔÇÖs Bridge, Barna LEE, James, Middleplough LEESON, William, Ballinbrook LEGGE, John, Clonmel LEGGE, Michael, Leggsborough, Garvane LEVISON, John, Maudemount LEWELLEN, Robert, Silvermines, Bally LEWIS, John, Eminiska LEWIS, John, Clash, Clash LEWIS, Michael, Myrtle Grove, Rodeen LEWIS, Michael, Ballymahon, Lattinbeg LEWIS, Richard, Eminiska LEWIS, Theobald, Ballyvas, Co Kildare,
Dromard LEWIS, William, Clash LEWIS, William, Middle Clash LEWIS, William, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney LIDWELL, John, Boolbea, Thurles LIDWELL, John, Dromard LIDWELL, Mark, Annfield, Cormackstown LIDWELL SEN., Thomas, Clonmore LIDWELL, Thomas, Clonmore LINDSAY, John, Cork, Ballyvaughan LLOYD, Benjamin, Dublin, Cashel LLOYD, Edward, Ballincorry, Rootagh LLOYD, George, Mount Friscoe, Mountfrisco LLOYD, John, Cloveroil, Ballyhane LLOYD, John, Cranah LLOYD, John, Cloghjordan LLOYD, John, Gloster, KingÔÇÖs Co, Lackagh LLOYD, Rev. Richard, Ballincorry, Rootagh LLOYD, Stephen, Clashigan, Rathnaveigh?
[Rathnaveoge] LOCKINGTON, John, Kilkenny, Nenagh LOCKWOOD, Benjamin, Cashel, WallerÔÇÖs
Lot LOCKWOOD SEN., Richard, Cashel LOCKWOOD JUN., Richard, Cashel,
Carraclagh? LOCKWOOD, Thomas, Cashel, Rathnamea? [Rathmanna] LOCKWOOD, William, Cashel,
Ballyclerahan LODGE, Oliver, Greenhills LOGAN, David, Thurles LONG, Robert, Cashel, Derrymore LONERGAN, Patrick, Loughmore LONREGAN, Cornelius, Shanbally LORD, Rev. John, Clonkelly, Living of
Ballintemple (Dead) LOVETT, Rev. Verney, Lismore, Co Waterford, Tubberbrien? [Tooreenbrien] LOWE, R Butler Hamilton, Rosegreen,
Ballynahinch LOWE, Lovalace, Rocklow LOWE, Robert, Brookhill LUTHER, Rev. Guy, Kilkenny, Carhue? LUTHER, John, Clonmel, Kilconnell LYSTER, Thomas, Archerstown LYSTER, William, Dublin, Tullahedy (Dead) MCALLISTER, Richard, Fethard MCCANN, Thomas, Clonmel MCCLEAN, Jeremiah, Killinaul, Clonmel MCCLENNAN, Hugh, Shanbally MCCLURE, William, Mackanagh MCCOMBE, William, Knockannaveigh MCEAGAN, Darius, Dublin, Ballyoughter MCEGAN, Carbery, Terryglass MCGINNIS, John, Roscrea MCLENNON, Robert, Shronehill MCLENNON, William, Kilmore MCNAMARA, Edward, Waterford, Nenagh MCNAMARA, John, Nenagh MCNAMARA, John, Nenagh MCQUICKEN, James, Tulla MARCH, Thomas, Silvermines MARSHALL, Robert, Clonakenny,
Ballycolliton MARTIN, John, Foulkstown, Foulkstown Hill MARTIN, John, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney MASON, James, Newtown Eyre, Co Galway,
Ballynakill MASON, Oliver, Ballynamoe, Ballynakill MASON, Richard, Gurdooleen, Nenagh MASON, Stephen, Glenaguile MASSY, Rev. Archer George, Elm, Co
Limerick, Farranasa, MASSY, James, Stoneville, Co Limerick, Killeenaliff (RC), MASSY, Hugh, Stoneville, Co Limerick,
Killeenaliff? [Killeennagallive] MASSY SEN., Hugh, Suir Castle, Arbourhill MASSY, Hugh, Ballynorth, Co Limerick,
Ballynagrana MATHEW, Patrick, Ballyneill MATHEW, Thomas, Thurles Castle, Thurles
MATHEW JUN., Thomas, Thurles, Templenoe MATHEW, William, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney MAUNSELL, Rev. Richard, Limerick, Cool MAUNSELL SEN., Thomas, Dublin,
Beakstown MAUNSELL JUN., Thomas, Dublin,
Beakstown MAVER, Francis, Coolough MAX, James, Clonmel, Ballytarsna MAX, Thomas, Killough, Gaile MAX, Thomas, Six Bridges, Knockanroe MAXWELL, Samuel, Roscrea,
Kilballyhemikin MAXWELL, William, Roscrea MEAGHER, Thomas, Carrickata Toon MEAGHER, Timothy, Nenagh, Raplagh? MEAGHER, William, Dublin, Blean MEARA, Henry, Carhue, Erinagh MEARA, Thomas, Lisheen, Erinagh MEAVES, Joseph, Ballycahill, Garranroe MERNON, Jeremiah, Lisnagonoge METTLEM, Robert, Nenagh MIDDLETON, Nicholas, Burrosanoe MIDDLETON, Burns, Borrisoleigh MILES, George, Clonmel, Tubberhenny? MILES, John, Rochestown MILES, Lawford, Cashel, Clogheen MILLER, George, Bawnlea MILLER, Jacon, Kilcooley, Bawnlea MILLER, George, Bawnlea MILLER, John, Kilcooley, Bawnlea MILLET, John, Knockura, Knockuragh MILLET, Richard, Kyle MILLS, John, Ballysheehan MILLS, Joseph, Thurles MILLS, William, Moneyroad MINCHIN, John, Brookville, Ballygibbon MINCHIN, John, Limerick, Annagh MINNITT, Caleb, Whitehall, Rovan? MINNITT, Joshua, Annabeg, Killard MINNITT, John, Nenagh MINNITT, Paul, Blackfort MITCHELL, Nathaniel, Clonmel, Giants
Grave MITCHELL, Thomas, Clondarra, Knocksshigowna MOLLOY, George, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney MOLLOY, John, Mohubber, Cappagh MOONEY, James, Cappakilleen MOONEY, James, Nenagh MOONEY, William, Cappakilleen MOORE, Chidley, Clonmel, Ardmayle MOORE, Vhidley, Ardmoyle, Templenoe MOORE, Rev. Edward, Mooresfort MOORE, Henry, Dublin, Clorpeth? MOORE, Rev. Joseph, Clonmel MOORE, Richard, Clonmel, Garrane MOORE, Hon. & Rev. Robert, Moorville, Co
Waterford, Horeabbey MOORE, Stephen, Marlfield MOORE, Stephen, Chancellorstown MOORE, Thomas Chidley, Clonmel, Abbey MOORE, Hon. William, Saperton, Co
Waterford, Horeabbey MORGAN, Alexander, Silvermines, Mocklin? MORGAN, David, Silvermines MORGAN, James Moran, Clonmel, Carrick-
on-Suir MORRES, Sir H Evans, Kilcreen, Co
Kilkenny, Ballick? MORRES, Thomas, Ballynaclogh MOSSOP, John, Mounteton, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Timeighter MOSSOP, Richard, Rathmore MOSSOP, Thomas, Rathmore MOYNAHAN, John, Annsville MURPHY, Andrew, Nenagh MURRAY, John, Crohan NASH, Richard, Limerick, Part of Cullen NAGLE, James, Cahir Abbey, Clonmel NAPPER, James, Shanbally NAPPER, John, Kilsallagh NELLIGAN, Rev. Laurence, Cashel, Union of

Rathmasog NESBITT, Rev. James, Lishinla, Borrisokane NEVE, Samuel, Cashel NEWCOMEN, Thomas, Dove Hill NEWENHAM, Sir Edward, Dublin, Kilfadda NEWPORT, Simon, Waterford, Liskeveen NEWSTEAD JUN., William, Derrynasling NICHOLSON, John, Gralla NICHOLSON, Robert, Wilmer, Carrick-on-
Row NICHOLSON, Walter, Tipperary, Cullen NICKLE, John, Kilmore NORRIS, Joseph, Fannagonn NORTH, Christopher, Finoe NORTH, James, Finoe NORTH, Ulysses, Killygally, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Derry NORTON, Henry, Cashel, Bahermore NOWLAN, Rev. Daniel, Templelough, KingÔÇÖs
Co, Rectory of Templederry OÔÇÖBRIEN, Bryan, Cappanacredy, Kilmastulla OÔÇÖBRIEN, Charles, Greenhill, Abbeydeath? OÔÇÖBRIEN, Cornelius, Nenagh, Ballinderry OÔÇÖBRIEN, Dennis, Dublin, Ballynane? OÔÇÖBRIEN, John, Kingsfield, Gortbrack OÔÇÖBRIEN, Morgan, Limerick, Ballyryan OÔÇÖBRIEN, Rev. Redmond, Cashel OÔÇÖBRIEN, Timothy, Limerick, Carrowkeale &
Newport OÔÇÖBRIEN, Timothy, Dublin, Farry OÔÇÖBRIEN, Timothy, Boskill, Knockmill &
Knockleigh OÔÇÖBRYAN, Timothy, Limerick, Carrowkeale & Newport OÔÇÖCALLAGHAN, Cornelius, Shantallytown,
E. Burgaguy Land, Fethard OÔÇÖCONNOR, John, Dublin, Glenconnor ODLUM, John, Grainge, QueenÔÇÖs Co,
Ballysorrell OÔÇÖDONNELL, Pierce, Clonmel, Castlejohn OÔÇÖFLAHERTY, Thomas, Castleville, Co
Kilkenny, Ballyeamus? OLDFIELD SEN., Henry, Kilcooly OLDFIELD JUN., Henry, Kilcooly OLDIO, David, Callan, Co Kilkenny, West
Poulacapple OLDIS, Francis, Mullinahone, Clonagoose OLDIS, Thomas, Ballylannagan, Poulacapple OÔÇÖMEAVA, Morgan, Ballymacky, Lissanisky OSBORNE, Henry, Monagee OSBORNE, Simon, Annsborough,
Inshinskillen? OTWAY, Caefow, Nenagh OTWAY, Cooke, Anna, Rusheen OTWAY, John, St Johnstown, Cashel OTWAY, James, Lisson Hall, Cloghprior OTWAY, Loftus, Lisson Hall, Garrane OTWAY, Thomas, Castle Otway OWENS, Michael, Mullinahone, Ballymackey OXLEY, John, Silvermines PAGE, James, Clonmel, Rahunveea? PAGE, John, Dundald, Ballinakill? PAGE, Thomas, Ardfinnan PALLISER, Wray Bury, Derryluskan PALMER, Edward, Nenagh, Ahaderry PALMER, Henry, Birr, Killeen PALMER, John, Graigue PALMER, Joseph, Rathdowney, Tomitea? PALMER, Richard, Ballymacegan PALMER, Robert, Clohan, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Ballyanny PALMER, William, Tubbrid, Ballyverassa PARKER, Anthony, Castletown, Castlelough PARKER, Anthony, Castlelough PARKER, Rev. John, Castlelough, Modreeny PARKER, Nicholas, Knockgraffon PARKER, William, Duharra, Pallas Beg PARSONS, James, Ballynattin, Rathfonan?
[Rathronan] PARSONS BT, Sir William, Birr, KingÔÇÖs Co,

Kilburry PATTEN, David, Cashel PATTEN, Rev. John, Annerville,
Twomilebridge PENNEFATHER, Bolton, Mullinahone,
Clonnegous? PENNEFATHER, John, Newtown, Garrymore PENNEFATHER, John, Clonmel PENNEFATHER, Richard, Newpark PENNEFATHER, Richard, Carrigeen,
Rathcardan PENNEFATHER, Thomas, Newtown,
Monadreela PENROSE, Cooper, Cork, Cappagh PEPPARD, Leman, Mountmellick,
Novoscotia? PEPPER, George, Knockalton PEPPER, Theobald, Mota, Mota PERCIVAL, William, Wilton, Co Limerick,
Newport PERRY, John, Kilboy, Kilboy PERRY, Richard, Cork, Patrickswell PERRY, Rev. William Cecil, Limerick,
Terryglass PERRY, William, Woodrooff PHELAN, Barnaby, Deansfort, Co Cork,
Gurtmakellis PHELAN, Bryan, Cashel, Roscrea PHELAN, Paul, Cashel PHELPS, Joseph, Belmount, Co Down,
Ballyhourigan PHILIPS, Evans, Mount Rivers, Mountrivers PHILIPS, Richard, Kilnacappagh PHILIPS, Samuel, Clonsingh PHILIPS, Stumbles, Cloncomer PHILPOTT, Rev. M, Balloughaveny PIERCE, John, Ballylina PIKE, Ambrose, Cashel PIKE, Joseph, Cashel PIM, John, Roscrea PEAKE, Mathew, Silvermines,
Cloghnenaugh? POE, Emanuel, Moyroe POE, James, Solsborough POE, Purefoy, Rossnaharley POE, Richard, Nenagh, Coolaholloga POE, Thomas, Tyone, Balleen POE, William, Nenagh, Donnybrook POPE, Edward, Tipperary, Ballybrien POPE, John, Clonbrick PORTIS, Robert, Monroe POTTS, John, Carrig POWELL, Giles, Concleevan, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Clara? POWER, John, Tullamaine, Tullamain POWER, John, Carrick, Borrisoleigh POWER, Pierce, Monroe POWER, William, Gurteen, Co Waterford,
Priorstown PRENDERGAST, Charles, Garryduff PRENDERGAST, Edward, Scart, Curragh PRENDERGAST, James, Clonmel,
Garrancasey PRENDERGAST, James, Ardfinan, Garrancasey PRENDERGAST, John, Ballylomasna, Garryduff PRENDERGAST, Thomas, Clonmel, Ballylomasna? PRENDERGAST, Uniack, Newcastle, Knockbullinira? PRESTON, Rev. Plunkett, Ion, Co Limerick,
Temple Bredane? PRICE, John, Cashel PRICE, Richard, Cashel PRICE, Richard, Cashel, Ballyherkerry PRICE, Thomas, Ardmoyle, Bricken PRICE, William, Cashel, Tulla PRIESTMAN, George, Silvermines PRIM, Bernard, Ballingarry, Boleklin &
Gortline PRIOR, George, Ballynamona PRIOR, John, PryorÔÇÖs Lodge PRITCHARD, Felix, Birr, Rahelty PRITTE, Adam, Mocklin [Mogland] PRITTE, Oliver, Mocklin [Mogland] PROSSER, Thomas, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney PURCELL, John, Clonbeg, Pallashill PURCELL, Robert, Larha PUREFOY, William, Cork, Greenfield QUELCH, Robert, Ballyloughnane QUINLAN, John, Youghal QUINN, Thomas, Kilmolage, Thomastown RALPH, Thomas, Newtown RASLIN, Thomas, Knockbrit, Ballinlough REABY, Michael, Nenagh READ, Headen, Carrick, Ahenny READ, Richard, St AlbanÔÇÖs, Co Kilkenny,
Fennard? READ, Thomas, Cullin, Cullen REARDEN, Edward, Dunlin, Gotinstown REARDEN, Patrick, Kylecrough REED, Freeman, Kiffduan REED, Samuel, Killeen, Larha RIAL, Phineas, Clonmel, Derrygrath RIAL, William, Clonmel RICHARDSON, James, Burrisamoe,
Rosnamanniff RICHARDSON, Robert, Borrisokane,
Roscrea RICHARDSON, Richard, Kilbeg RIELY, Edmund, Dublin, Ballagh & Killeen RIGG, Samuel, Clonmel RIGG, Thomas, Clonmel RIMINGTON, George, Kilshenane RINGROSE, Philip, Ballyvanon, Co Clare,
Omery? RINGWOOD, Joseph, Kilvenage ROAN, George, Roesborough ROAN, John Henry, Roscrea ROBBINS, Samuel, Hymenstown, Maher
Castle ROBINSON, Arthur, Banemore, Co Kilkenny,
Poyntstown ROBINSON, Joseph, Roscrea, Prospect ROBINSON, Robert, Carrick, Lower Ormond,
Part of Carrick ROBNETT, Jobert, Clonmel, Burgagery-lands,
Clonmel ROE, Andrew, Rockwell ROE, James, Dublin, Grantstown ROGERS, Daniel, Balloghmavin ROGERS, Joseph, Cloghjordan, Crotta ROISE, Thomas Henry, Nanty Nan, Co
Limerick, Toberadora ROLLESTON, Francis, Frankfort, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Tinlough ROSE, Henry, Limerick, Ballyroan ROWLAND, Benjamin, Roscrea RUSSELL, Benjamin, Thurles RUSSELL, Dennis, Holycross RUSSELL, Francis, Roscrea RUSSELL, John, Ballydavid RUSSELL, John, Galbooly RUSSELL, William, Thurles RUTTALL, Daniel, Newpark RYALL, Isaac, Kilconnell, Windmill Lands of
Cashel RYALL, William, Cashel RYAN, Charles, Borrisoleigh RYAN, Edmund, Newpark RYAN, Edmund, Dublin, Boscabell RYAN, Ewer, Ballymackey RYAN, Francis, Killolcan, Rathgallen RYAN, George, Limerick, Tooreenbrien RYAN, John, Clonmel RYAN, John, Golden RYAN, John, Corbally, Thurles RYAN, Mathew, Farrencorg, Rathbeg RYAN, Philip, Derry RYAN, Timothy, Ashroe, Co Limerick,
Thurles RYAN, Thomas, Castle Cooke, Clonaspoe RYAN, Thomas, Killolan, Cashgarry?

RYAN, Thomas, Gurtnacoolagh, Gurtnagowna RYAN, Richard, Dublin, Killalane RYAN, Richard, Thurles, Glengar RYAN, Rev. William, Plowfield, Lacken &
Carue? RYAN, William, Derryleagh, Rossmacarthy?
[Rathmacarty] RYVES, Robert, Boscabell SADLIER, Francis, Sopwell Hall SADLIER, James, Shanballymore SADLIER, Richard, Rossborough,
Curraghpoor ST LEGER, St Leger, Doneraile, Co Cork, Synone, SANDIFORD, Rev. Thomas, Youghal, Co Cork, Cuteragh? SANDOY, Rev. Daniel, Waterford, Parish of
Mova SANKEY, Jacob, Coolmore, Jamestown SANKEY, Richard, Fethard SANKEY, William, Dublin, Coolaive? SANKEY, William, Killusty SARGINT, Robert, Ballindoney SAUNDERS, Anderson, Ballinderry SAUNDERSON, James, Thurles, Lagnafulla
& Rathcooney SAWYER, George, Cloghan SAWYER, William, Cloghan SCOTT, John, Cahercon, Co Clare,
Loughourna SCOTT, John, Dublin, Mohober (Solicitor
General) SCOTT, Mathias, Dublin, Clashbeg SCOTT, Michael, Scottsborough, Cloonyhea SCOTT, Robert, Cashel SCULLY, John, Roscrea SEARLE, Bartholomew, Castlecomer, Co
Kilkenny, Poulacapple SEARS, Thomas, Newcastle SEYMOUR, Rev. John, Limerick, Chanter of
Emly SHANLEY, Michael, Quartered in Sligo,
Clonmel SHAW, James, Waterford, Figlash SHAW SEN., Richard, Figlash SHAW, Richard, Ballinagore SHAW, Robert, Carrick, Ballinderry SHAW, Robert, Coolquill, Ballytarsna SHAW, Richard, Galstown, Co Kilkenny,
Ballynamoney SHAW, Thomas, Ballytrasny, Ballytarsna SHEA, John, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney SHEPPARD, John, Lissavalea SHEPPARD, John, Ballybog, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Kilcommon More SHEPPARD, John, Snugborough, Co Kilkenny, Castlejohn, SHEPPARD, Rev. Thomas, Newpark, Co Kilkenny, Lisheen SHEPPARD, William, Castle Sheppard,
Kilcommon More SHERIDAN, William, Borrisokane SHERLOCK, Thomas, Butlerstown, Co
Waterford, Cashel SHOEBOTTOM, James, Eminiska SHOEBOTTOM SEN., John, Eminiska SHOEBOTTOM JUN., John, Eminiska SHOEBOTTOM SEN., William, Eminiska SHOEBOTTOM JUN., William, Eminiska SHOLDIS, Jacob, Castletown SHORT, James, Summerhill SHORT, John, Pallas SHORT, John, Shinrone, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Gortagarry SHORT, Thomas, Wingfield, Kilconnell SHORT, William, Ballinamona, Coolcarveen? SHOULDIS, Leonard, Kilderrydackrum SILLITO, William, Mullinowly SIMPSON, James, Shanbally SISTON, Joseph, Gortadalaun SIZE, Patrick, Thurles SMALL, George, Fethard, Rathclogh &
Fethard SMALL, Richard, Fethard, Gortagea SMALLMAN, Isaac, Roscrea SMEE, John, Graigue SMEE, Thomas, Meelick SMEE, Thomas, Graigue SMIG, Thomas, Ballagh SMITH, Christopher, Roscrea SMITH, George, Mortlestown SMITH, Hugh, Tipperary, Carraclough? SMITH, Joseph, Nenagh SMITH, John, Nenagh SMITH, John, Newport SMITH, John, Dublin, Curraghleigh SMITH, Rev. John, Lismacrory SMITH, Rev. Nathaniel, Phoenix Park,
Dublin, Parish of Caher SMITH, Ralph, Shinrone, KingÔÇÖs Co, Skehanagh SMITH, Ralph, Shinrone, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Kilcony? SMITH, Ralph, Millford, Kilcarroon SMITH, Richard, Newport SMITH, Thomas, Birr, Ballyverassa SMITH, William, Lisduff SMITH, William, Headborough, Co
Waterford, Barrettsgrange SMITH, William, Nenagh SMITH, William, Newport SMITHWICK, [blank], Ballyconree,
Closokink? SMITHWICK, Humphrey, Currabaha SMITHWICK, Oliver, Ballyslatteen SMITHWICK, Patrick, Ballycanon SMITHWICK, Peter, Moorefort, Kilross SMITHWICK, Thomas, Barnaclough,
Coolevouga? SMITHYER, Paul, Kilcooly, Newpark SPARKING, Paul, Ballynakill SPARROW, Simmons, Clonmel, Derrykew? SPOONER, John, Knockinroe, Knockanroe SPOONER, Reginald, Knockanroe SPOONER, Roberts, Loughbreen SPOONER, Thomas, Castlelymy,
Ballynabreen near Birr SPRIGG, Samuel, Waterford, Cashel SPUNNER, Thomas, Milltown, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Scartana SQUIB, John, Ballydrinan STANDISH, Robert, Knockballymaloogh STEPHENS, Thomas, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney STEPHENS, Thrustus, Thurles, Lagnafulla? & Rathcooney STERLING, Rev. Anthony, Coolfin,
Newtownlenan? STONE, Nathaniel, Gorteenduvane STONE, Robert, Greenrath, Gorteenduvane STONEY, George, Greyfoot, Crotta part of
Greyfoot STONEY, Isaac, Dublin, Borrisokane STONEY, Thomas, Greyfoot, Gortlandroe STRAHAN, George, Balvekeen, Co Kilkenny,
Clohevaily? STRAHAN, John, Carrick, Mainstown SULLIVAN, John, Shanrahan SURMAN, Thomas, Thomastown SWAYNE, Francis, Limerick, Mullinavola? SWEENEY, Miles, Killenaule, Garrane SWITCHER, John, Kilcooly, Newpark SWITCHER, Christopher, Castletown TALBOT, Edward, Roscrea TALBOT, Elias, Honeymount, Ballinveny TALBOT, John, Crea, KingÔÇÖs Co, Derry TALBOT, John, Roscrea, Haneymount TALBOT, Samuel, Ballyshanley, Carrick
Stoker TALBOT, Theobald, Caher, Drumroe TALBOT, Thomas, Attifarran TALBOT, Thomas, Cloneen, Roscrea TAUNTON, John, Clonmel, Tipperary TAPHAM, John, Foulkstown, Foulkstown TATE, John, Thurles TAYLOR, Godfrey, Noan, Coolmoyne TAYLOR, John, Kilboy, Cloghjordan TAYLOR, Jonas, Roscrea TAYLOR, William, Clonmel TEATE, William, Kilboy TENNYSON, Joseph, Tulla, Cooleeny THOMAS, Rev. Stephen, Clonmel,
Newchapel THOMAS, Rev. Walter, Dublin, Living of
Ballygibbon THOMAS, John, Clonmel THOMPSON, Francis, Knocknachee, Co
Waterford, Ballyboy THOMPSON, George, Knocknachee, Co
Waterford, Ballyboy THOMPSON, George, Ballyboy THOMPSON, John, Ballyboy THOMPSON, Mathew, Thurles, Kilrush THOMPSON, Thomas, Ballingarry THORN, Edward, Ballyhane THORN, Robert, Ballyhane TINSLEY, Tobias, Ballina TOBIN, Leo, Clonmel TODD, Abraham, Cashel TODD, Michael, Cashel TOLER, John, Dublin, Ballycrenode TOLER, Nicholas, Monegall, Sheshroe? TRAYOR, Abbot, Cork, Cathaganstown TRENCH, Rev. Archdeacon, Finoe, Rectory
of Finoe TUCKER, Linian, Toomyvara TUCKER, Peter, Nenagh TUCKY, Rev. Charles, Ballyboy, Shanrahan TUITE, Alexander, Roscrea TYDD, Benjamin, Cloghjordan TYDD, Ezekiel, Silvermines USHER, Noble Luke, Birr, Clangowan? VAUGHAN, William, Golden Grove, KingÔÇÖs
Co, Guramarra? VILLIERS, Edward, Kilpeakin, Loughourna VINCENT, Rev. Richard, Dungarvan, Co
Waterford, Tullahoughton VIZE, William, Clonmel, Donegal VOSE, Alexander, Carrick VOSS, William, Carrick, Ballynagrana VOWELL, Thomas, Clougheen,
Twomilebridge WALKER, Christopher, Thurles WALKER, Rev. Mathias, Silvermines, Union
of Kilmore WALKER, Richard, Loughaun WALL, Henry, Behaghglass WALL, Jeremiah, Behaghglass WALL, William, Breherglass WALLER, Richard, Fort, Shower WALLER, Richard, Castle Waller WALLER, Robert, Dublin, Newport WALLIS, William, Templemore WALPOLE, Joseph, Springfield WALSH, Charles, Derrylehan, Demfinane? WALSH, David, Dublin, Ballinvoher WALSH, James, Rathclara, Rathclarish WALSH, John, Dublin, Clonmel WALSH, Oliver Carleton, Fethard, Tullamain WALSH, Philip, Dublin, Graystown WALSH, William, Kilmore WALSHE, John Adams, Derrylahan WALSHE, Richard, Fethard, Tullamain WATERS, John, Farney WATKINS, Henry, Newtown WATKINS, John, Johnstown WATKINS, James, Burntwood WATKINS, Robert, Ballynaclough, Newtown WATKINS, Thomas, Anna, Annagh WATSON, John, Ballinroher, Clonbrogan WATSON, Josias, Nenagh WATSON, Solomon, Dublin, Silverfort WATSON JUN., Solomon, Summerville,
Graystown WATTS, Charles, Robinstown, Co Wexford, Garryshane

WATTS, Rev. Henry, Fidown, Co Kilkenny, Trefuver? WATTS, Rev. Robert, Carrick-on-Suir, Donohill WATTS, Rev. William, Fidonn, Co Kilkenny,
Prebendary of Killeva WAYLAND, Francis, Kilmore, Trayorland? WEBSTER, Henry, Thurles, Lagnafulla &
Rathcooney WELSH, John, Clonmel WELSH, Patrick, Westcourt, Co Kilkenny,
Ranamore WELSH, Rev. Philip, Kilcooly WESTON, John, Clonmel WEXTED, Henry, Tulla WEXTED, Henry, Inchgreana WHISTLER, John, Moore, Moor WHISTLER, Ralph, Moore, Moor WHITAKER, William, Clonmel WHITE, Henry, Clogheen WHITE, Henry, New Ross, Newross WHITE, James, Kill of Keen WHITE, James, Carrick-on-Suir WHITE, John, Lisven, Knockanviree? WHITE, John, Dromomarka WHITE, John, Garrane WHITE, John, Whitesfort, Co Waterford,
Ballingarrane WHITE, John, Dublin, Ballymacegan WHITE, John, Clonmel, West Suburbs of
Clonmel WHITE, Richard, Nenagh, Clonagheen WHITE JUN., Richard, Greenhall WHITE, Roger Finch, Birr, Ballymacegan WHITE, William, Clonmel WHITE, William, Rathavera WHITEFORD, Francis, New Dun Kerrin,
Mountymantoe WHITEFORD, George, Mountymantoe WIDRILL, Thomas, Thurles WILLIAM, Christopher, Tinnakilly WILLIAMS, John, Glinavaha, Clonakenny WILLIAMS, John, Cloghjordan WILLIAMS, John, Silvermines WILLIAMS, Samuel, Skehanagh WILLIAMS, Thomas, Clonmel,

Ballygormanstown WILLINGTON, John, Killoskehan WILLINGTON, Jonathan, Rapla,
Rovedstown? [Rorardstown] WILSON, James, Silvermines, Cloghjordan WILTON, Henry, Dublin, Corbally WOODS, Isaac, New Roscrea, Summerhill WOODWARD, William, Nenagh, Cloghprior WOODWARD JUN., William, Cloghprior WRAY, Joseph Christopher, Christendom, Co
Kilkenny, Clontaaffe WRIGHT, Hamlett, Middleplough WRIGHT, Benjamin, Cappaghnagarrane WRIGHT, Joshua, Castle Otway, Roan WYLY, John, Kilcunnahin More YELVERTON, Thomas, Portland,
Gurtnapisha YOUNG, Andrew, Kilcooly, Bawnlea YOUNG, Francis, Drummin YOUNG, Rev. Hercules, Carrick-on-Suir,
Donaghmore YOUNG, Joseph, Killaun YOUNG, Robert, Lodge YOUNG, William, Ballykinlalee
ALWAY SEN., John, Myrtlegrove, Ballyhaden ALWAY JUN., John, Killeen ANDERSON, John, Limerick, Fox Hall ATKINS, James, Maudemount BASKETFIELD, William, Newtown,
Graigaman BENNETT, George, Clonran, Cloghan BLACKMORE, Eliot, Carrick, Figlash BOHILLY, Richard, Dublin, Clonmel BOWKY, Edward, Shanagrove, Co Limerick,
Newport BOYCE, George, Baralough, Clonmel BUTLER, Richard, Glincallaghan,
Glencallaghan CONNELL, Sampson, Newmarket, Co Cork, Lisfunshion
DEVINE, Edward, Fethard EVANS, Thomas, Knockalla, Summerhill FELL JUN., Nicholas, Brunswick, Darling
Hill FITZGERALD, John, Thurles, Thurles, East
Suburb FITZGERALD, William, Maryfield, Cashel FORSAYTH, John, Nenagh HARTNESS, Joseph, Fethard, Liberties of
Fethard HASKETT, Thomas, Borrisokane HASLETT, James, Fethard HEALY, John, Ballynamoe HEWETT, Robert, Barranebegg, Garranbeg HODGINS, Thomas, Nenagh HOLMES, Henry, Tooveen, Tooreen HOPKINS, Benjamin, Carrig, Ballymacegan HUNT, Thomas, Carrick, Figlash JOY, George, Waterford, Figlash KENT, Francis, Garrykennedy LARGE, Joshua, Roscrea-burgoo MASON, Caleb, Roscrea, Haneymount MAXWELL, John, Dublin, Roscrea MCCLOUDE, Caefar, Borrisokane MCDONNELL, John, Cashel, Coolnahein MONTGOMERY, George, Killee, Co Cork,
Ballyhohane? MOORE, Thomas, Inchigrina, Inchagreana MOOREHEAD, Alexander, Maystown,
KingÔÇÖs Co, Clogheen & Ballyboy OLDIS, Charles, Brockhill, Poulacopple OÔÇÖMARA, Thomas, Kilmacky, Lisbunny PROSSER, Peter, Nenagh REAGAN, James, Clonmel, Neworchard READ, James, Newport, Roscrea SHEPPARD, Edward, Killishehane,
Lachindara [Lacknacreena] SMITH, Edward, Fethard TALBOT, Michael, Snugborough, KingÔÇÖs Co,
Terryglass TINDALL, Isaac, Borrisokane, Shanavalla TRAVERS, Richard, Fethard, Fethard & Suburbs
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