For anybody that is willing to share historical information on the Larne town area obtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, or local knowledge. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Did you know that Larne had quite a busy little ship building industry in the early 1900's? There were two companies that existed for about thirty years around the time of the First World War. One was the Olderfleet Ship Building and Engineering Co. and the other The Larne Shipbuilding Company. They constructed quite sizeable craft, up to 100 tons or more.

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John (Ian) McCarlie of Newcastle, New South Wales in a post on the BBC NI Your Page and Mine site in February 2005 refers to the Larne Shipbuilding Company. The business was started in 1880 on land leased from James Chaine to Paul Picken, James Johnston, Robert Giffen, James Lenaghan, James Lappin and John McCann, Shipwrights, all of Larne. ... lies.shtml

The Larne section of the 1907 Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory lists ...

Robt. Giffen, 3, Olderfleet Terrace
James Lappin, 1, Marine Villas
Paul Picken, J.P., director Shipbuilding Company, Larne Harbour
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