Will of Nancy Morton of Antilevelly 1897

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Will of Nancy Morton of Antilevelly 1897

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I Nancy Morton of Antilevelly Raloo Co. Antrim Widow hereby revoke all wills heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last will. To my nephews John Owens I leave £30"0"0
Robert Owens £30"0"0
James Davidson Senr £30"0"0
William John Craig £30"0"0
James Craig £20"0"0
Ephraim Craig £20"0"0
James Donald £40"0"0.
To my nieces I leave the following legacies
To Eliza Stewart £30"0"0
To Mary McKee £30"0"0
To Maggie Craig £30"0"0
To Agnes Craig £30"0"0
To Lizzie Stewart £40"0"0 and
to Maggie Harte I leave £15"0"0 and
to Agnes Harte I leave £15"0"0.
And all the residue I may die possessed of to the said James Donald and I appoint the said James Donald and William John Donald executors of this will as witnesses my hand this day 13th day of March 1897. Nancy Morton - Signed by the said Nancy Morton as and her Last Will in the presence of us who in her presence and in the prence of each other have hereunto subscribed their names as witnesses - Thomas Rea - Mary Ellen Owens.

Taken from Will Book held at Larne Museum
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