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Irish Origins

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Access Irish Origins

There seems to be a Free Name search and a Free Place search. They then link with the Pay section which is much bigger than published below.

Irish Origins

Irish Origins, launched in early 2003, includes the most complete version of Griffith's Valuation of Ireland available on or off-line, plus exclusive access to the original maps included with Griffith's Valuation, covering all counties of the Irish Republic. This was created in collaboration with the National Library of Ireland and Valuation Office Ireland.

Irish Origins is the definitive resource for Griffith's Valuation, completed with the assistance of George Handran, a world expert on Griffith's work. All available copies of the Valuation - which was published in several versions at different times between 1847 and 1864 - have been indexed along with digital images of the source publications and maps.

The Index to Irish Wills (1484-1858) has recently been added to Irish Origins. This contains a full index to surviving testamentary records at the National Archives of Ireland. Each index entry contains the name of the person leaving a will, or being covered by a grant of probate or administration. It also contains their address, sometimes their occupation, and the place where the document was proved.

We also offer a comprehensive list of over 60,000 names and addresses from the Dublin City Census of 1851, accompanied by scanned images of the original 1847 Ordnance Survey Town Plans of Dublin City, to help users identify specific addresses, as well as Ireland's Royal Garrison Artillery Records (1872-1915), featuring an index to Militia Attestation Papers for over 12,500 militiamen in Ireland.

A new addition to Irish Origins is our Image Gallery, showcasing rare vintage photos, maps, books and other publications from Ireland of interest to researchers of Irish genealogy. Images and descriptions of Ireland prior to the 20th century are very scarce, and these collections offer a rare glimpse of daily life throughout the country.

Upcoming Collections

Irish Origins is regularly enhanced by the addition of further exclusive datasets from our partners, Eneclann Ltd., Ireland's leading genealogy company, and elsewhere.

Index and transcription of the Gravestones and Memorials for Counties Galway & Mayo (10,000 names; exclusive to Irish Origins). Availability: Winter 2006

Index and transcripts of the 1831 Tithe Defaulter Schedules (30,000 names; exclusive to Irish Origins). The people most affected by the "Tithe War" were those most affected by emigration and famine in the next generation. Availability: Winter 2006

You can try a Free search of Irish Origins records from our front page, and access current and upcoming records and images via a 72 hour access, monthly or annual subscription.



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