The information in this file has been supplied by Stuart Kelly and uploaded to The French Connection 2:251/19 in FidoNet

SysOp George French and packaged by Rosemary Lockie SysOp of Wishful Thinking BBS 2:253/188 in FidoNet.

They contain extracts from the Parish Registers from ISLANDMAGEE Co ANTrim (Northern Ireland).

The first line of each file describes the field names and suggested contents.

It is not clear whether they represent a complete record of the periods covered.

IM2.txt (23-10-2004)

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Baptisms 1876-1920

Year Surname Child's name Father Mother Residence Date of birth Date of baptism
1876 Bell Robert Forbes James Bell ? Forbes Islandmagee 21-Oct  
1877 Bell Alexander Montgomery John Bell ? Islandmagee 22-feb  
1877 Bell James James Bell   Islandmagee 27-apr  
1892 Kerr Robert Donaldson James Kerr Eliz. W Bell Dundressan 26-jan 21-Mar
1894 Kerr James James Kerr Eliz. W Bell Dundressan 09-May 25-jun
1896 Kerr Davis James Kerr Eliz. W Bell Dundressan 03-Oct 07-Oct
1898 Kerr John James Kerr Eliz. W Bell Dundressan 5-sep 14-sep
1920 Arthurs William John Arthurs ? Steele Beutra ??? 11-Mar  

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