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From: Bette Kosmolak
Date: Fri Jan 7, 2000 6:49am
Subject: Ballymena Parish Records #9,#10,#11,#12,#13 (Kirkinriola)
These are Ballymena Parish Records 1807-1845 from film #0990408. (FHC)
Film #0990408. (FHC) has 13 pages. 
#1 T0 #8 are  CHRISTENINGS - 1788-1825
#9 T0 #13 are MARRIAGES - 1807-1845
My notes in [ ]
MARRIAGES 1807-1845 
Parish date Groom Place_groom Trade Bruid Place_bruid Info
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 26 Aug 1807 Robert STEPHENS      Jane HARRISON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 6 Jul 1807 John McCULLOUGH      Ann HARRISON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 17 Nov 1809 Capt. Thomas BUTTLE,    22nd Regt Ann BABINGTON, dau of Rev. Babinton  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola)               * Capt Buttle died 30 Oct 1818 (it doesn't say if it is the same Capt.
Ballymena (Kirkinriola)               Buttle) [That's the precise note added into this record which seems to
Ballymena (Kirkinriola)               make it clear that even the parish records I'm reading are transcribed
Ballymena (Kirkinriola)               from some other record(s)]
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 11 Jun 1819 John Hamilton O'HARA, Esq.     Sophie Elizabeth DUFFIN     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 31 Mar 1823 George MOORE      Margaret BELL    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 21 Jul 1823 Charles CRAIG      Agnes LANG?ILL   Banns
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Sep 1823 William BROWN      Jane McCOY   Banns
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 15 Oct 1823 Samuel SLOAN      Sarah MOORE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 10 Nov 1823 John BROWN      Ann McCAULEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 24 Nov 1823 John QUEAT [underlined]     Anne CURRY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 2 Feb 1824 John WILLIAMS      Mary McNEILL    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 20 Apr 1824 William BEGGS of Dublin   Martha GIHAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 20 Apr 1824 Hugh McFETRIDGE      Mary McCLURE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 13 Sept 1824 William DOODS [underlined]     Margaret KENNEDY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 20 Sept 1824 William GORDON      Jane LIGGAT    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 Jan 1825 James TENNANT      Catherine JARVIS    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 28 Feb 1825 James MILLAR      Sarah COSNAHAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 18 Apr 1825 Matthew HERBISON      Mary DARRAGH    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 19 Jun 1825 Samuel ROWAN      Jane DARRAGH    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 6 Jul 1825 Patrick BLEYNEY      Jane FENTON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 23 Aug 1825 John CALLAGHAN      Anne MARTIN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 23 Jan 1825 Daniel MARTIN      Mary ROBINSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 20 Mar 1826 Samuel HYNDMAN      Eleannor McDOWEL    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 May 1826 John GILMOR      Mary MURRAY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 29 Jul 1826 Archibald CHRISTIE      Elizabeth CANNON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Sep 1826 John McKEOWN      Mary GALLOWAY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) between 4 Sept & 4 Nov 1826 John MOORE      Agnes HUMPHRIES   [yes, that's how the record reads]
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Nov 1826 William KIRKPATRICK      Margaret SPENCE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 Feb 1827 Archibald McEHERAN [there's a small 'o' up and to the right of the capital E]     Margaret  McCANBRIDGE  of  Leyd [Layd ?]  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Feb 1827 James CHESNEY      Mary Ann O'NEILL     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 23 Feb 1827 Robert BAILEY  of Ahoghill   Mary ALEXANDER.   [He was from .]
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 19 Feb 1827 John McKINLEY of Ramoan,   Matilda Ann JACK     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 11 Sep 1827 James YOUNG      Mary STEWART    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 29 Oct 1827 Adam McCLELLAND widower late of 32nd Regt of Foot Jane BROWN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Nov 1827 Roger TRAINOR      Eleanor SLOAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 20 Nov 1827 Thomas TOWNLEY      Mary Ann FIRTH     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Dec 1827 Joseph HANNA of Connor,   Peggy McPHERSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Dec 1827 James BARKLIE   Hawker Sarah MARENS,   Hawker
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Mar 1828 John MACARTNEY of Ahoghill,   Mary ALLEN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 26 Mar 1828 William McCLEERY,    Butcher, Sarah COONEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 28 Mar 1828 Johnn McKILLOP   Royal Navy Anne DICKEY of Ahoghill  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Jun 1828 Daniel ROCHE    Royal Corps of Sappers & Miners Catherine MULLEN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 27 Jun 1828 Andrew McQUILLAN of Kilwaughter,   Mary STUART of Ballyclug  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 12 Aug 1828 James MITCHELL      Margaret FISHER    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 20 Aug 1828 Thomas KIDD   Shoemaker, Jane MAGEE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 8 Sep 1828 Samuel TOWNSLEY      Sarah GARDINER    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 1 Nov 1828 Thomas SMITH      Mary Ann McNEILL     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 10 Jan or Jun] 1829 James LEETCH      Elizabeth SPENCE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 2 Sep 1829 John HUMPHREY      Catherine McMICHEEL alias McCANLEY      
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 Oct 1829 James MILLAR   Cooper, Rose Anne DOWDALL     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 18 Nov 1829 Arthur DALRYMPLE      Martha POTTS    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 26 Dec 1829 William SLOANE      Anne McELWAINE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Jan 1830 Robert McNIEH   Carpenter, Martha McCARROLL, of Cromkill  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 14 Feb 1830 Thomas Johnson PALMER East Indian Co, Pensioner, Susan MONTGOMERY alias SMITH      
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 16 Mar 1830 James HOOD      Esther HUNTER    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 8 May 1830 Alexander McCALLION      Sarah McKAY alias HUTCHINSON      
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 10 May 1830 Robert JOHNSON      Sarah CHERRY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 15 Jun 1830 William DEMPSEY of Rasharkin,   Margaret SHANNON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 Jul 1830 John CALDWELL of Connnor,   Margaret FERGUSON of Ballyclug  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Jul 1830 Patrick BEATTY      Margaret LITTLE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 Nov 1830 Johnn MACAULEY      Martha KELLY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Dec 1830 Tobias GILMORE      Mary WALSH    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 7 Apr 1831 William HUGGIN      Nancy AIKEN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Jun 1831 Adam RAMSEY      Rose MOORE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 11 Jul 1831 Andrew MARTIN      Ellen ROBINSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 2 Aug 1831 William McLISTER      Ann CLARK    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 8 Aug 1831 William MILLER      Eliza DONOHOO    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Sept 1831 John WILDMAN   Royal Corps of Sappers & Miners Mary McDOWELL    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 18 Oct 1831 James GREY of Ballyclug   Anne CUNNINGHAM, of Ballyclug  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Oct 1831 Michael QUINN of Ballyclug,   Ann WILSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 2 Nov 1831 Edward CARR      Nancy DOHERTY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 12 Nov 1831 Hugh STEWART of Ballyclub,   Sarah LAMONT, of Connor  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 13 Nov 1831 Johnn NOLAN,    R.I.C. Martha SPENCE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 28 Nov 1831 David GILMER      Marry KENNEDY of Connor  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Dec 1831 James GRAHAM      Mary CASKEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 15 Dec 1831 Edward MATHEWS of St. Anne's, Dublin Solicitor Anne DOHERTY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 26 Dec 1831 John McKEOWN      Nancy DARRAGH    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Jan 1832 Archibald WILLEY      Sarah MAGILL    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 23 Jan 1832 Thomas WATSON of Rasharkin,   Fanny FISHER    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 12 Mar 1832 John JACOBSON      Anne GREGG    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Apr 1832 William PAXTON      Nancy DEMPSTER    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 28 Apr 1832 William ALLEN of Connor,   Ellen GRANT, of Ballyclub  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 Aug 1832 Henry D??PETER      Rose McAULEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 6 Aug 1832 Charles HENRY of Rasharkin,   Esther Ann WILLIAMSON     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 7 Aug 1832 Samuel WILSON   Royal Corps of Sappers & & Miners Maria GIVEN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Dec 1832 Hugh DAVISON      Agnes SPENCE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Dec 1832 Charles LOUGHRY      Mary COCHRAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 26 Mar 1833 Samuel SLOANE of Connor,   Ellen STRAIN, of Ballyclug  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 1 Apr 1833 Samuel LAMONT      Ellen McCULLOCH    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 1 Apr 1833 David KELLY      Margaret CONNOR    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 9 Apr 1833 Hugh ADAIR      Teresa TINSDALE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 6 May 1833 John BEATTY      Mary BUTLER    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Aug 1833 James SEMPLE of Ballyclub,   Ellen McILWAINE, of Carmoney  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 31 Oct 1833 William John CHAMBERS      Mary WILSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 12 Nov 1833 John WITHERSPOON      Mary MOORE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Dec 1833 Robert McCARVILL      Martha GRANT    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 15 Jan 1834 William BELL      Mary HIRRILL   [underlined]
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Feb 1834 William FRY      Rose O'LOAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 1 Apr 1834 Henderson BALLENTINE      Margaret MOORE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 26 Nov 1834 Robert BALLENTINE      Hannah McCLUNEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 15 Jan 1835 Isaac MURRAY      Ellen McILWEE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 23 Jan 1835 Daniel DRAIN      Mary McNNEALE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 15 May 1835 Johnn ELLIOT      Mary JOHNSON, of Ballyclub widow
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 13 Jun 1835 Robert BONES      Alic McWILLIAMS    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 13 Jun 1835 Thomas IRWIN      Jane NEVIN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 4 May 1835 James KIDD      Jane BRADLEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 29 Sept 1835 William CORRY      Fanny GREEN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 2 Nov 1835 George ROY      Margaret MULHOLLAND    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Dec 1835 Thomas COX   R.I.C. Mary ORR    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 16 Aug 1836 Francis John SKELLY      Lilly DICKEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 31 Aug 1836 William CHESNEY      Jane COSNAHAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Nov 1836 Joseph DYAS of Loughguile R.M. Mary BAYLEY ot Farm Lodge, Ballymena   
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 12 Jun 1837 Sergt. John MILLS      Mary Anne CHAMBERS     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 3 Jun 1837 John LAW [this surname was written, scratched out, then printed]      Mary WILSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Nov 1837 Clotworthy McCRUM      Jenny WATSON    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Nov 1837 William BROWN of Clinty,   Eleanor McINTYRE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Dec 1837 John JELLET      Ann COURTNEY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 10 Aug 1838 Henry LAVERTY      Alice COLLINS    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 30 Mar 1839 William CASEMENT      Mary Anne KENNEDY     
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 16 Apr 1839 John BALLENTINE      Jane McCLEERY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 22 Jun 1839 John James HEPBURN      Rose McNALLY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 11 Sept 1839 John McCARLY      Elizabeth DONAGHY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 May 1840 Benjamin GAMBLE of Belfast,   Helena MOORE    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 5 Jun 1840 Thomas SURGEONER of Ballyclug,   Anne DAVIES, of Ballyclug  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 12 Nov 1840 John CAMPBELL      Margaret LOGAN    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 25 Dec 1839 Samuel COOPER  of Antrim,   Jane CHAMBERS    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 6 Feb 1841 Alexander [FRUM] [there are square brackets around the name Frum]      Mary CONROY    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 19 Sep 1841 James ANGUS widower, Schoolteacher Mary SMITH    
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 28 Oct 1841 James McKEE   Draper, Margert MONTGOMERY, of Glenarm  
Ballymena (Kirkinriola) 11 Dec 1841 Henderson DAVISON  of Dunclog, widower, Margaret PALMER   by her father's consent.
...The End. Hope this has been of help to some. Bette
(c)Bette Kosmolak & 2000 - 2010

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